Review: Jacob’s Pardon American Whiskey #2 8 Years Old

Review: Jacob’s Pardon American Whiskey #2 8 Years Old

We recounted the story behind Jacob’s Pardon in our review of their two 15-year-old whiskeys and 8-year-old Small Batch American Whiskey Recipe #1. Today we are trying the second release of the younger offering. For Recipe #2, Master Blender (and well-known spirits writer) Paul Pacult took a very different approach. The earlier release included MGP light whiskey as well as Tennessee whiskey and a mashbill that was 99% corn. The new release is 100% Tennessee Whiskey with a mashbill of 70% corn, 22% rye, and 8% malt. Additionally, Recipe #2 has a much higher abv. We were fans of the first release, so let’s give this one a try.

The nose opens with oaky wood followed by sweet dessert notes of candy corn, malted cereal grain, butterscotch, pecan, vanilla, and a little maple syrup. Taking a sip, the heat of this high proof whiskey asserts itself with a warming burn, but alongside comes a strong Tennessee whiskey character including bold notes of pecans, vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper, and cereal grain.  Adding water brings more cinnamon sweetness to the palate and heightens the cereal notes. The finish is fairly long and includes a touch of maple syrup before the cereal notes slowly disappear. This is noticeably different from Recipe #1, but quite enjoyable, particularly if you like Tennessee whiskey. Dickel fans will certainly want to give this a try.

109.3 proof

B+ / $90 /

Jacob’s Pardon American Whiskey Recipe #2 8 Years Old




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  1. David on September 22, 2022 at 5:09 pm

    I just purchased a bottle can’t wait to try it

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