Rum is a distilled spirit traditionally made from sugarcane juice or molasses and typically aged in oak barrels, although experimentation with other barrels also takes place. Rum is most widely associated with the islands of the Caribbean and Latin American countries, but it is made in many countries around the world, including Scotland, Sweden, and the U.S. In Spanish-speaking countries rum is called ron, though no one knows for sure where the word “rum” itself was born. White or silver rum is either unaged or is lightly aged, then filtered to strip out the color; it is generally intended for use in cocktails. Gold or amber rum is aged in oak barrels, though there are no agreed upon standards on how long this term, nor any real distinction between the terms. Dark rum is usually made from caramelized molasses, aged for a longer period of time, and usually in barrels that have been more deeply charred. Overproof rum can hit up to 160 proof and is intended for use in cocktails, including the Volcano, where the overproof rum is floated on top and ignited. Spiced and flavored rums are also quite popular.

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Review: Spirits of Single Cask Nation, Spring 2023 Releases

By Drew Beard | February 27, 2024 |

More than just the packaging has changed for indie bottler Single Cask Nation (SCN) since last we checked in on them. At the beginning of 2024, the brand announced their acquisition by Artisanal Spirits Co., owners of another, bigger bottler you may have heard of, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society. Founders Joshua Hatton and Jason…

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Review: Rolling Fork Amburana Odyssey Rum

By Christopher Null | February 25, 2024 |

Rolling Fork is an indie spirits bottler that is focused on rum. Drew has looked at a few of its unique expressions in the past, and now we’re back with another limited edition release that is unlike anything else you’re likely to find on the market. The catch: Amburana oak aging. Amburana Oak is a…

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Review: Hampden Rums – “Great House” 2023, Pagos, and 8 Years Old

By Christopher Null | February 14, 2024 |

There’s little we like more than checking out goodies from Jamaica’s Hampden Estate, which only began releasing its stock under its own name in 2018. Here’s a peek at three new(ish) releases from the iconic operation. Hampden “Great House” Rum Distillery Edition 2023 – This is the fifth edition of Great House, and these are…

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Review: Renegade Pre-Cask Single Farm Origin Rums – Lake Antoine and Nursery

By Drew Beard | February 12, 2024 |

Mark Reynier’s terroir-focused rum line, Renegade, has been pumping out new offerings since we last tasted a pair of pre-cask selections in early 2023. As with Waterford, his similarly soil-obsessed Irish whiskey project, the Renegade portfolio focuses on single farm origin bottlings, mostly unaged, that reflect the characteristics of a small piece of land on…

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Review: Brugal 1888 and Coleccion Visionaria Edicion 01, Cacao (2023)

By Christopher Null | February 5, 2024 |

The latest rum brand to move upmarket is the Dominican Republic’s Brugal, which recently dropped its first ultra-premium limited edition release, the first in a new line of rums called Colección Visionaria. The idea here: use a new “Aromatic Cask Toasting technique” to infuse barrels with an unexpected but complementary flavor — in this case,…

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Review: La Maison & Velier Rums, Late 2023 Releases

By Christopher Null | January 28, 2024 |

We’re diving back in with three more new releases from La Maison & Velier, with three new rarities from the importer’s prized, limited edition stocks. Some single cask goodies here… along with some more readily available fare. Dig in. Habitation Velier Long Pond STCE 2007 Single Cask #10 – 15 years old, all ex-bourbon casks;…

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The Top 10 Rums of 2023

By Christopher Null | January 19, 2024 |

Top shelf rum is becoming easier and easier to find — and harder and harder to pin down into a cohesive top 10 list. For the fifth year, we’ve tried all the same, looking back at the year that just ended to select our 10 favorite bottlings. Sadly, many of the price tags on these…

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Review: La Maison & Velier Transcontinental Rum Line, 2023 Single Casks

By Christopher Null | January 7, 2024 |

La Maison & Velier — also known as La Maison du Whisky — recently launched a new series of rums called the Transcontinental Rum Line (aka TCRL). Complete with maritime labels, this line is “inspired by the historical journeys of rum barrels between the New World and the Old Continent,” and includes releases from all…

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Review: Santa Teresa 1796 Speyside Whisky Cask Finish

By Drew Beard | December 2, 2023 |

The quality of Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Rum has remained impressively consistent, at least across our two tastings in 2013 and 2020. Presumably, it’s been that way since Hacienda Santa Teresa, Venezuela’s oldest rum producer, first launched the brand back in 1992. And during all that time, the 1796 Solera expression has stood alone. Until…

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Review: Flor de Cana Rum – 12, 18, and 25 Years Old (2023)

By Christopher Null | November 26, 2023 |

Seven years ago, I wrote a review of four rums from Nicaragua’s Flor de Cana, referring to the 7, 12, 18, and 25 expressions with “years old” attached. That was laziness on my part: Flor de Cana has long used only vague numbers attached to terms like “slow aged” rather than providing a real age…

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