Whiskey is a spirit produced from the distillation of grain. Debate still rages about whether the Irish Celts or Scots were the first to produce the “water of life,” but the first written recording of whiskey’s creation dates to 15th century Scotland. Origin isn’t the only debate concerning whiskey. Spelling is contentious, too. When distilled in Scotland, Canada, and Japan, it is spelled whisky without the e, while whiskey distilled in Ireland and the United States is most often, but not always, spelled with the e. Technically, whiskey is a distilled spirit produced from a fermented grain mash, distilled to no more than 190 proof, and bottled at no less than 80 proof. All whiskey, with the exception of corn whiskey and “white” whiskey, must be aged for some period of time in oak containers. Whiskey is classified by country of origin (i.e. Canadian whisky) and may be further defined by the type of grain used (i.e. rye whiskey) or the way it is produced (i.e. single malt).

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Review: WhistlePig PiggyBack Single Barrel – Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake Edition

By Christopher Null | October 1, 2023 |

WhistlePig — the distillery that never met a gimmick too outlandish to turn into a shipping product (including finishing whiskey with David Ortiz’s baseball bats) — has another whopper on tap for drinkers. With this third edition in the PiggyBack Legends Series (following the Ortiz bottling and an edition made with country stars the Brothers…

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Malcolm Waring

Sustainability and Scotch: Old Pulteney Distillery Manager Malcolm Waring

By David Tao | September 29, 2023 |

Malcolm Waring has spent years thinking about water. Waring started with Pulteney Distillery in 1990, and after working his way up the production ladder, he became Distiller Manager, a title he’s held for 15 years. As the leader of the team behind Old Pulteney’s core and limited expressions, his responsibilities focus on production capacity and…

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Review: Jack Daniel’s American Single Malt

By Christopher Null | September 28, 2023 |

The famed Tennessee Whiskey company has been on a tear of late, dropping three different ryes in the last three months alone. Now it’s setting its sites on something entirely new: its first permanent edition American single malt — finished in oloroso sherry casks, no less. Ready for the back story? Here’s the details from…

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Review: Smokehead Tequila Cask Terminado, Sherry Cask Blast, and Rum Cask Rebel

By Drew Beard | September 27, 2023 |

We kicked off our exploration of Smokehead earlier this summer with a look at the flagship offering and its bolder, cask strength sibling. Those bottles are joined in the Smokehead lineup by a trio of unique cask finished expressions (with a fourth, stout-finished offering on the way). Thoughts follow. Smokehead Tequila Cask Terminado – Finished…

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Review: Glenmorangie The Cadboll Estate 15 Years Old 2023

By Drew Beard | September 26, 2023 |

Glenmorangie released back-to-back expressions of its Cadboll Estate in 2020 and 2021, both of which were aged exclusively in ex-bourbon casks, allowing the estate-grown barley to shine without the distraction of any of the distillery’s trademark cask finishing. When we interviewed Glenmorangie’s Director of Whisky Creation, the infamous Dr. Bill, he told us that he…

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Review: Maker’s Mark Cellar Aged 2023

By Christopher Null | September 24, 2023 |

Wait a second: Bourbon is aged in warehouses, not cellars, right? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that “cellar aged” is really just a marketing term meant to evoke what’s really unique about this expression: It’s a blend of whiskies aged 11 to 12 years, which is a first for Maker’s…

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Review: Talisker 30 Years Old (2023)

By Christopher Null | September 23, 2023 |

Talisker‘s 30 year old expression, which first arrived in 2021, is now an annual release. Once again, it’s made from a barely there collection of barrels: 3195 bottles available globally, 561 for the U.S. Fully matured in ex-bourbon barrels, the whisky will be familiar to the few of you who’ve experienced very old Talisker in…

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Review: Eight Settlers Devil’s Gate Bourbon and Ragtown American Whiskey

By Monica Uhm | September 22, 2023 |

Hailing from Cottonwood Heights, Utah, Eight Settlers Distillery recently released their inaugural whiskeys: Devil’s Gate Bourbon Whiskey and Ragtown American Whiskey. But before we get to the offerings, it’s worth a quick gander at the Eight Settlers Distillery establishment, which is a restaurant and distillery nestled in between some idyllic mountain views. Founded in 2020…

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Review: Legent Yamazaki Cask Finish Blend

By Christopher Null | September 21, 2023 |

When Beam Suntory’s Legent hit the scene it immediately became one of my favorite new whiskeys, and I was over the moon excited to hear about the brand’s first extension to the line, a limited-edition whiskey called Legent Yamazaki Cask Finish Blend. While purists groused over whether the original Legent was officially a bourbon due…

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Review: Square 6 Wheated Bourbon

By Christopher Null | September 20, 2023 |

Heaven Hill’s micro-brand Square 6 expands with the launch of its Wheated Bourbon, joining its High-Rye Bourbon and High-Rye Rye. Like the other members of the Square 6 family, this one’s made at the artisanal distillery located at 528 W Main Street in Louisville, “just steps from the site of Williams’ original distillery founded in…

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