Review: St. George Green Chile Vodka

Review: St. George Green Chile Vodka

Chile-flavored vodka is typically described as usable only for Bloody Mary cocktails. And that is basically something I agree with. What else have I ever used pepper-infused vodka for?

St. George’s expression of pepper vodka isn’t shy. Infused with California jalapenos, habaneros, serranos, and bell peppers, there is no shortage of capsaicin to go around in this spirit. The good news: It definitely won’t kill you with fire. The nose has that brightly herbal serrano/green pepper note — like a fresh, crisp pepper pulled straight from the earth. Same story on the palate: Lots of spicy-bitter green pepper mingled with fresh jalapeno, the peppery bite of a (mild) serrano, and a spicy but bitter-herbal — though surprisingly refreshing — quality on the finish. It’s warming but never really “hot,” arguably landing as the least chilified chile vodka I’ve encountered ever.

This is a straightforward product, although it’s decidedly well-made, showcasing everything it says it will save for the habanero, which never really makes its expected, mouth-searing introduction. Basically, though, I’m fine with that.

80 proof.


St. George Green Chile Vodka




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