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Coffee is a drink brewed from roasted coffee beans, which are seeds of berries from flowering Coffea plants. Coffee plants are now grown and the beans cultivated in numerous countries worldwide, but they are primarily grown in Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and equatorial regions of South and Central America.

The seeds are roasted, ground and then brewed with hot water to produce the final drink. Coffee preparation comes in numerous forms (such as French press, pour over, espresso, and individual single serving plastic cups that are bad for the environment). Coffee is usually dark in color, with slight acidity and a mild but bitter taste, but it can be served in numerous ways depending on temperature preference (hot versus iced) and additives (sugar, milk, cream).

Coffee is a major source of exports and income for growing nations, and demand for coffee is currently at an all time high. There has been some controversy over trade practices between developed and developing nations, and thus fair-trade coffee policies have been enacted industry-wide to ensure equity.

Coffee is also known for its stimulating effects, due to the generous amount of caffeine per cup. While there are also numerous health benefits to drinking a small amount per day, coffee is also used as a sobering stimulant for those who have excessively indulged in the other categories and topics presented on this site.

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