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Gift Idea: MistoBox Coffee Subscription

If you’re like me, and most of the rest of planet Earth right now, you’ve been getting lots of things delivered to the house, from booze to baked goods. Subscription services have never been more popular or more practical, offering convenience with a side of safety for the many daily tasks of our pre-Covid lives. Even before things went wobbly, the morning coffee routine was already seeing plenty of variety from a host of delivery services offering unique java to change up the monotony of Starbucks and K-Cups.

One such service, MistoBox, started way back in 2012, but they got a jolt of caffeine (see what I did there?) with a Shark Tank investment from Mark Cuban in 2013. Since then, their personalized coffee boxes have made it into over 50,000 kitchens a month. We were running low on Folgers, so we thought we’d check them out with a trial subscription. Thoughts follow.

Once subscribed, we had the option of signing up for personalized coffee selections based on our preferences or we could use the nifty MistoBox “Brew Queue” to explore our options. Having binged too much Netflix this past year already, I opted to avoid the scrolling (they have almost 600 coffees available from 52 roasters), and let my personal virtual barista select for me. After answering six quick questions, from the simple “What type of roast do you like?” to the more thought-provoking “Traditional vs. Experimental flavors?” I was ready to get my coffee.

One area where MistoBox really shines is the packaging. Each shipment is a small box containing 12 ounces of bagged coffee (whole bean or ground). The box itself is personalized on the inside flap with a greeting, specific details about the coffee inside, and even some background on the roaster. No cards, no coffee-themed schwag, that’s it. You open the box, take out the coffee, and read a little about it (or don’t) on your way to the recycling.

As for the coffee itself, my request for traditional, medium/dark roast, good for espresso or drip grind translated to a delicious selection from Thou Mayest in Kansas City, Missouri. Freshly brewed, it showcased a big aroma of dark chocolate-covered berries with a light and creamy palate of hot chocolate punctuated by a unique blueberry note. Why brave the grocery store for more Maxwell House when something like this can come direct to your door?

Personal subscriptions start at $10.95 plus shipping, and gift subscriptions (from 2 to 12 months) are available for $20 per month.

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