Review: Goodfolks Peru Cajamarca Blend Coffee

Review: Goodfolks Peru Cajamarca Blend Coffee

In keeping with Kentucky tradition, the month of May shines a light on Louisville for numerous reasons, the primary being the running of the horses at the Kentucky Derby. Louisville also has a special place at the heart of this site for blessing us with a king’s ransom of bourbon throughout the last 8,000+ reviews on this site. However, one scene in Louisville worthy of receiving greater attention is its fledgling coffee roasting community. Much like its sibling city to the east (Lexington), Louisville has seen several new roasters and coffee shops popping up over the last several years, Goodfolks being but one of them.

Keeping in line with traditional expectations of Peruvian coffee, this blond roast has a gentle but bright acidity, with a lively, silken mouthfeel. The palate is balanced and full-flavored, with loads of milk chocolate, heavy caramel, and a faint presence of toasted coconut towards the end. There’s a dry but sweet finish carrying the palate forward but ending with a mild note of red currant. This would be a crowd-pleaser during the weekend breakfast/brunch rush.

Driving back and forth between cities down I-64 can get lifeless and repetitive. But if this is a promise of things to come with Goodfolks, it might just be well worth the trip.

B+ / $12 per 12 oz bag /[]

Fine print: Your tasting notes may vary based on personal brewing preferences. For the sake of this review, coffee was ground at a medium-coarse setting and brewed with a Chemex Ottomatic pour-over system, enjoyed black with no additives.

Goodfolks Peru Cajamarca Blend Coffee




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