Review: Fire Department Coffee – Black Cherry and Vanilla Bean Bourbon

Review: Fire Department Coffee – Black Cherry and Vanilla Bean Bourbon

Fire Department Coffee was founded in 2016 by a group of firefighters and military veterans recognizing the vital role coffee plays in helping firefighters stay alert and energized through long and often challenging shifts. Their most recent limited batches include three of our favorite tasting notes, coffee or otherwise: vanilla, cherry, and bourbon.

Your tasting notes may vary by your personal brewing preferences. For the sake of this review, both coffees were ground at a medium-coarse setting and brewed with a Chemix Ottomatic pour-over system, enjoyed black with no additives.

Spirit Infused Coffee Vanilla Bean Bourbon – A medium roasted batch that is lightly acidic with a hint of sweetness but delivers the goods as advertised. There is a generous amount of vanilla and milk chocolate on the front, with bourbon and oak influence taking things over in a very dominant way through the entire tasting experience. The bourbon notes carry on with a long-lasting finish that concludes with slight notes of jasmine and Earl Grey tea. Comparing flavors between the two batches is an apples-to-oranges comparison (or in our case: cherries and vanilla), but this is the slightly better experience of the two. A-

Spirit Infused Coffee Black Cherry Bourbon – Another medium roast which is quite sweet on the front, with a savory kick towards the end. The vanilla and wood notes are most certainly the result of the bourbon influence, but the dark cherries give this an experience similar to a deep red wine or brandy. A resonant and rich cup that will kick start the day in excellent form. B+

There are excellent consistencies and balance between bourbon and coffee flavor notes for both batches, enough to keep even the staunchest of bourbon coffee fans satisfied. The caffeine content was incredibly generous: After two cups I was ready to sign up for the academy as a smokejumper. Ten percent of all net proceeds are donated to the company’s foundation, providing resources and assistance to first responders injured on the job or facing other health challenges. Firefighters staying true to their reputation of being excellent civil servants by looking out for their fellow firefighters: We’ll raise high a mug to that anytime.

$20 each per 12 oz bag /

Spirit Infused Coffee Vanilla Bean Bourbon




Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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