Review: Bardstown Bourbon Company Discovery Series #10

Review: Bardstown Bourbon Company Discovery Series #10

It’s always a pleasure to try a new release from BBCo’s Discovery Series, which is dedicated to the art of blending, and #10 is an exciting one. Of the five whiskeys that comprise this blend, 62% of it, is 9-year-old Kentucky Bourbon. Solid start. Some 6-year-old Kentucky high-rye bourbon (8%) promises a spicy note. Lending some gravitas, 18% of the blend is 13-year-old Kentucky bourbon. Finally, there is a bit (10%) of 10-year-old bourbon from Georgia and a touch (2%) of 10-year-old from Tennessee. The bourbons are diverse and the abv is high. Let’s see how these whiskies play together in the glass.

Right off the bat, the nose is deep, complex, and enticing with caramel, maple syrup, toasted walnuts, cherries, molasses, pie crust, cinnamon, and vanilla all coming together into a harmonious whole. On the nose, the high alcohol content is very well hidden. I was curious to see if it remained so on the palate.

Not so much. Taking a sip, it isn’t fire, but the high proof is undeniable and took me a bit by surprise. But with the heat comes a rush of complex bourbon character. Caramel, maple syrup, and cherries come first. Vanilla, cinnamon, and pie crust hit midpalate along with some gentle wood tannins. The finish is fairly long as the lingering notes of cinnamon, cherries, pie crust, and maple syrup slowly fade. Adding water calms the alcohol and heightens flavors of, once again, cherry pie laced with cinnamon. There’s something lip-smackingly good about this whiskey. The character of the individual components can often be singled out, but they come together beautifully. We’ve come to expect a lot from the blenders at Bardstown, and Discovery Series #10 does not disappoint.

114.24 proof.

A- / $140 /

Bardstown Bourbon Company Discovery Series #10




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