Review: Brother’s Bond Cask Strength Bourbon

Review: Brother’s Bond Cask Strength Bourbon

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley partnered up to launch Brother’s Bond in 2021, an MGP sourced and blended bourbon. In our review, we found the 2021 release to be a straightforward and harmless pour, one that hints it really preferring to be mixed in cocktails, especially given its 80 proof. The four-grain bourbon is actually a blend of 3 different mashbills, which results in 65% corn in the final blend.

The follow-up release is the undiluted cask-strength version of the original. Let’s see what may have gotten lost in the the aggressive proofing down.

The nose is as reliable as you can get for an above-100 proof bourbon. Nothing out of the ordinary, and assertively and pleasantly balanced between dry, bitter, and sweet with notes of candied cherries, toffee, pepper, and the faintest whiff of ethanol or leather polish. On the palate, a nice medley of cornflakes, cherry cola, dry nut shells, and mint-forward rye spice all arrive in lockstep. The medium finish lingers most on the soft, toasted cornflakes and leathery notes. While not exactly a barn-burner, the cask strength release does seem to offer more personality than the original.

115.6 proof

B+ / $80 /

Brother's Bond Cask Strength Bourbon




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