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Monica is an incurable dilettante, who is relentlessly curious about books, brews (the coffee kind) and bourbons.

48 Hours in Louisville and Kentucky Bourbon Country, 2023

By Monica Uhm | January 3, 2024 |

Despite a long-standing bourbon affinity, my inaugural Kentucky bourbon tour only occurred this past November by interloping on my friend Kate Snow’s vacation plans to do the same. With a few more travelers, our eventual group of 10 represented the extreme points across the booze spectrum from “I only drink beer” to “I detect a…

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Review: Breckenridge High Proof Blend Bourbon and Back to Back Blend Bourbon

By Monica Uhm | December 15, 2023 |

Breckenridge Distillery is no stranger to Drinkhacker, though we’ve been keeping tabs more recently on their Buddy Pass collaborations with the coincidentally named but unrelated Breckenridge Brewery and their beer/bourbon barrel aging crossovers. Alas, we have not delved into their straight bourbons in nearly a decade despite steady releases since our review in 2012. The…

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Review: Govino Go Anywhere Wine Glass

By Monica Uhm | November 28, 2023 |

Today we road-test the latest rendition of stemless plastic reusable wine “glasses” from Govino. They’ve been around since 2008, so it’s likely that many in the wine community are already familiar with their line of stemless plastic drinking vessels. Per their website, these apparently are the “best Govino ever” glasses, and are shatterproof, BPA-free, and…

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Review: HipStirs Craft Cocktail Syrups – Old Fashioned, Cranberry Pie, and Pumpkin Spice

By Monica Uhm | November 16, 2023 |

HipStirs is the latest player in the craft cocktail mixer category, a newbie since it only launched in 2022. All their expressions are strictly non-alcoholic syrups which aim to simplify the process of making cocktails at home: Just pour the mixer and the base of your choice — alcoholic or non — and voila. If…

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Review: Rossville Union Straight Rye 6 Years Old

By Monica Uhm | October 21, 2023 |

You know Ross and Squibb even though the name may not quite ring a bell. It’s the new name for MGP which followed after the merger with Luxco. Ross and Squibb remains a workhorse contract distiller for a lot of names that ring lots of bells. They recently launched Rossville Union as one of their…

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Review: Hard Truth Harvest Sweet Mash Rye and High Road Sweet Mash Rye

By Monica Uhm | October 4, 2023 |

Indiana-based rye whiskey producer Hard Truth Distillery has launched two new rye releases, following its limited series expressions earlier this year. The distillery’s focus has been highly specialized in sweet mash rye, featuring Indiana-sourced grains. High Road Sweet Mash Rye is a lower proof expression of their core sweet mash whiskey, and it also features…

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Review: Eight Settlers Devil’s Gate Bourbon and Ragtown American Whiskey

By Monica Uhm | September 22, 2023 |

Hailing from Cottonwood Heights, Utah, Eight Settlers Distillery recently released their inaugural whiskeys: Devil’s Gate Bourbon Whiskey and Ragtown American Whiskey. But before we get to the offerings, it’s worth a quick gander at the Eight Settlers Distillery establishment, which is a restaurant and distillery nestled in between some idyllic mountain views. Founded in 2020…

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Review: Distillery 291 E Series Wheated Bourbon Batch 12

By Monica Uhm | September 15, 2023 |

  Based in Colorado Springs, Distillery 291 has recently released Batch 12 of their ongoing E Series, which is their limited release offerings of experimental blends. This comes hot on the heels of the All Rye Colorado Whiskey which we recently reviewed (and have covered various other offerings across their portfolio over the years). Batch…

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Review: Heimat Liqueurs – Nectarine, Cranberry, Elderflower, and Black Currant

By Monica Uhm | August 31, 2023 |

With this latest feature, we finally get caught up to the full offerings of the New York-based Heimat distillery, which produces farm-to-glass, fruit-only-no-additive liqueurs using fruit sourced in their “backyard” of New York through partnerships with family-owned farms. We first covered their limited edition Barrel Finished Bosc Pear early this year, followed by a profile…

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Review: Bib & Tucker Double Char Bourbon 6 Years Old

By Monica Uhm | August 7, 2023 |

Bib & Tucker is complementing its classic 6 year old bourbon (self-dubbed as the “classic 6,” a whiskey we’ve reviewed three times now) with a new Double Char release which was “inspired by the turn of the century, when food was cooked on the open flame.” The aim was to add a smoky appeal by…

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