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Monica is an incurable dilettante, who is relentlessly curious about books, brews (the coffee kind) and bourbons.

Review: Eight Settlers Devil’s Gate Bourbon and Ragtown American Whiskey

By Monica Uhm | September 22, 2023 |

Hailing from Cottonwood Heights, Utah, Eight Settlers Distillery recently released their inaugural whiskeys: Devil’s Gate Bourbon Whiskey and Ragtown American Whiskey. But before we get to the offerings, it’s worth a quick gander at the Eight Settlers Distillery establishment, which is a restaurant and distillery nestled in between some idyllic mountain views. Founded in 2020…

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Review: Distillery 291 E Series Wheated Bourbon Batch 12

By Monica Uhm | September 15, 2023 |

  Based in Colorado Springs, Distillery 291 has recently released Batch 12 of their ongoing E Series, which is their limited release offerings of experimental blends. This comes hot on the heels of the All Rye Colorado Whiskey which we recently reviewed (and have covered various other offerings across their portfolio over the years). Batch…

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Review: Heimat Liqueurs – Nectarine, Cranberry, Elderflower, and Black Currant

By Monica Uhm | August 31, 2023 |

With this latest feature, we finally get caught up to the full offerings of the New York-based Heimat distillery, which produces farm-to-glass, fruit-only-no-additive liqueurs using fruit sourced in their “backyard” of New York through partnerships with family-owned farms. We first covered their limited edition Barrel Finished Bosc Pear early this year, followed by a profile…

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Review: Bib & Tucker Double Char Bourbon 6 Years Old

By Monica Uhm | August 7, 2023 |

Bib & Tucker is complementing its classic 6 year old bourbon (self-dubbed as the “classic 6,” a whiskey we’ve reviewed three times now) with a new Double Char release which was “inspired by the turn of the century, when food was cooked on the open flame.” The aim was to add a smoky appeal by…

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Review: Clyde May’s Cask Strength Rye 9 Years Old

By Monica Uhm | July 28, 2023 |

The Official State Spirit of Alabama, Clyde May’s of Conecuh Ridge Distillery, continues to release new expressions with a steady clip, with the latest rye whiskey coming fast on the heels from several 2022 releases that Drinkhacker recently dipped into. We’ve seen greater ambition and more boldness with each release, but their impression on us…

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Review: Heimat Liqueurs – Bosc Pear, Rhubarb, Blackberry, and White Peach

By Monica Uhm | July 15, 2023 |

When first introduced to Heimat, Drinkhacker jumped the line by diving into their limited release premium bourbon cask-finished Bosc pear liqueur ahead of their core offerings. No we are retracing our steps here to explore their mainstay, which are the unfinished fruit liqueurs as unadulterated and natural as they come (“the fruit, and nothing but…

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Review: John Parrott Barrel Proof Bourbon

By Monica Uhm | July 4, 2023 |

There is predictably – or perhaps peculiarly – very little public information available on John Parrott barrel proof bourbon, which is the inaugural release from newcomer SK Spirits. Per their website: “‘This whiskey is a tribute to John Parrott and everything he stood for,’ said Michael Sawyer, SK Spirits CEO and Lead Rectifier.” And who is…

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Review: Rock Town Bourbons – Small Batch, Toasted French Oak, and Cask Strength

By Monica Uhm | June 2, 2023 |

  Rock Town Distillery is not new to bourbon; the distillery started in 2010 in Little Rock, Arkansas and produces bourbon, as well as vodka and liqueurs. But then recently, the founder took a trip to Kentucky. The story goes like this: In March of 2020, Rock Town’s Founder and Head Distiller Phil Brandon embarked…

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Review: Whiskey in the Wild Flavored Whiskeys – Original and Orange

By Monica Uhm | May 25, 2023 |

An introduction to the origins of Whiskey in the Wild sounds a bit like the opener to the standard bar joke: “a food chemist, pro hockey player, biotechnician, and physician walk into … er… the woods.” And they start a whiskey company. Or rather, they start a whiskey-centered lifestyle company catering to like-minded consumers with…

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Review: Heimat Barrel Finished Bosc Pear Liqueur

By Monica Uhm | April 22, 2023 |

Ute Londrigan is the founder of Heimat NY, a small-batch fruit liqueur producer based in the quiet suburbs of New York, ideally situated between the bustling city and the lush and diverse fruit farms further north. The launch of Heimat NY in November 2018 seems almost predestined, as Londrigan carries the torch of the craft…

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