Review: Milam & Greene Triple Cask Bourbon

Review: Milam & Greene Triple Cask Bourbon

With somewhere in the neighborhood of 150+ distilling permits issued since 2008, Texas has no shortage of craft distilleries. Provision Spirits is one of the newer additions to this crowd. Founded in 2017, the distillery kicked things off in typical fashion, bottling sourced stocks under the Ben Milam Whiskey label from the usual suspects in Tennessee and Kentucky. At the same time, they began distilling their own whiskey under the supervision of an impressive team of industry veterans that includes whiskey author Heather Greene, veteran Kentucky master distiller Marlene Holmes, and brewer Jordan Osborne.

Milam & Greene Triple Cask Bourbon is Provision Spirits’ new flagship bourbon built around their in-house distillate (there’s a port-finished rye, as well). The mashbill is a high-rye blend of their two-year-old Texas whiskey and small amounts of sourced stocks from Tennessee, one 3-4 years old and the other considerably more mature at 10-11 years old. With almost 70% Texas corn in the overall mashbill, however, there’s a lot of the Lone Star State in this one. Let’s dig in!

The nose is initially quite subtle with only a bit of brash alcohol. Give that time to blow off, however, and it changes significantly, giving way to notes of cocoa powder, honey roasted peanuts, clover, baking spice, and vanilla bean. It’s all still pretty delicate, even for the modest proof. The palate is comparably soft with a creamy texture and gentle heat that makes for easy sipping. The youthful components in the blend are initially evident with some grist and soft grassiness, but that’s remedied eventually with richer notes of butterscotch pudding and chewy caramels alongside plenty of brown sugar. As with the nose, patience is rewarded. A bit of chocolate-covered orange peel arrives on the medium-length finish. It’s not wildly complex, even after it finally opens up, but what it lacks in that department it makes up for in balance and approachability.

94 proof.

B+ / $43 /

Milam & Greene Triple Cask Bourbon




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