Review: Sparkle Donkey Tequila – Silver and Reposado

Review: Sparkle Donkey Tequila – Silver and Reposado

It’s one of the most fanciful product names we’ve encountered in a while, but once of the most apt, too: Sparkle Donkey Tequila features an armor-clad donkey on its label. “El Burro Esparkalo.”

Brought to us by the makers of Bakon Vodka, Sparkle Donkey is a 100% agave tequila with a legit heritage — extra-long fermentation, volcanic water used for blending, and so on. Here’s how the two initial expressions stack up. Both are 80 proof.

Sparkle Donkey Silver Tequila – Huge nose, give it some time to air out. Big, big agave notes on the nose, followed by salted caramel, lime, and coal. The body follows suit, playing up the caramel character and leaving behind a smoldering smokiness that is actually quite pleasing. B+ / $20

Sparkle Donkey Reposado Tequila – Aged an undisclosed time in oak barrels, but distinctly different. Big, sweet notes on the nose: Cotton candy, marshmallows, and Sugar Babies. More of same on the body. This isn’t a tequila that wanders far from its goals… but is ultimately a bit much for my tastes. B- / $25

Sparkle Donkey Reposado Tequila




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