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Review: Firefly Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka


Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is one of those drinks that can get you into a lot of trouble. No, not like this stuff. Like good whiskey, Firefly goes down absurdly easy, enticing you into drinking more and more and more and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. well, then you’re gone.

I was a skeptic: Vodka flavored with tea? Sounds ridiculous. Why not a sweet tea liqueur, I wondered? Or why not just drink spiked tea?

Firefly’s label quickly proves you wrong, offering a single, simple recipe idea to change your mind: Half Firefly, half water, on the rocks.

Take a sip and — my God — it tastes just like a really good cup of iced tea. The “sweet” on the label is misleading — this is not saturated in sugar like some cloying southern brews, though it is sweet enough to feel completely refreshing. Really it’s the tea flavor that comes through the strongest, just like well-steeped, very strong Lipton’s. (And rest assured, the flavor is legit, made with the only tea grown in the country, just five miles from the company’s Charleston distillery.)

The end result is very refreshing, and while I have no idea what else I might use Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka for, I don’t really feel like I need to: It’s great just like this, with water and rocks. But at 70 proof, even watering it down to double volume will get you a drink stronger than a glass of wine, but it goes down far, far more quickly. Be careful with this stuff. Just like an innocent southern belle, it’s got more fire under the surface than you’ll ever know.

70 proof.

A / $18 /

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Firefly Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka



Christopher Null

Christopher Null is the founder and editor in chief of Drinkhacker. A veteran writer and journalist, he also operates Null Media, a bespoke content company.

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  1. J. Lindsey February 12, 2009

    This is actually really popular in the South. It’s become one of those overnight crazes where you turn around and suddenly every bar in your college town has it on the shelf and everyone’s drinking it. I haven’t tried it yet, but based on your review I’ll definitely be giving it a go.

  2. Sara April 5, 2009

    I’m from Orlando, and my bar started having these, they use sour mix instead of water. FABULOUS! yes, it does get you into a lot of trouble. Especially when its the drink special of the evening. I’m in love with it.

  3. Jane May 29, 2009

    Really love the taste. Just curious, tho…any info on the calorie and fat gram counts? Heard it was a very low cal drink.

  4. Jeff June 11, 2009

    Jane.. there is no such thing as a “low-cal” drink. Alcohol has the same calories/gram as fat. It also hikacks your system when you drink. All other digestive process take a back seat to the metabolizing of alcohol. What does that mean…. well if you drink and eat, all of your food calories will go after your alcohol calories. But, that doesn’t usually happen quick enough so most of what you eat get stored. As fat :). Cheers Jane!

  5. Beechbaby June 26, 2009

    Try it with lemonade…mix it half and half. You end up with a spiked “Arnold Palmer”…and it’s extremely dangerous! I never feel the alcohol until it’s way too late. We have a neighbor who keeps his bottle in the freezer. It makes great ice cold shots, especially in Florida.

  6. Eric June 27, 2009

    My roommate’s mom used to send him bottles of this from SC (us being in central Illinois). It’s great as frozen shots and you can’t even taste the alcohol in the Arnold Palmer that Beechbaby suggested. We thought it might taste kind of weird at first, but once we took a shot we realized that it was just pure smooth delicious. So far we’ve just liked it too much as shots to really try and mix it with anything else. Now if I could only get my hands on some more….

  7. J. Lindsey July 14, 2009

    Check out Jeremiah Weed sweet tea vodka for a slightly dryer spin on this. It’s less sweet, which means more of that fresh brewed tea flavor shines through. Trying them back to back the taste is quite different. The price isn’t bad either. It ranges from about the same as Firefly to slightly cheaper where I live.

  8. TC July 16, 2009

    I am a big fan of FireFly Sweet tea…try it with rasberry seltzer too….had Jeremiah Weed sweet , bur really liked FireFly the best

  9. Jolly August 25, 2009

    I love Firefly….another great way to try is is half Firefly and half lemonade….OH YUM!! I’ve heard it has 66 calories per ounce….but not sure if this is right or not. Doesn’t seem too bad if you’re drinking it mixed with water…or with crystal light lemonade!!!!!

  10. Sonja September 6, 2009

    Got an email fron the about Sweet Tea vodka. No way…can’t be….my two favorite liquids combined! OMG! I added somr lemonade to 2oz of Weed and what a tasty treat! But be careful…it sneaks up on you. It tastes so good, you forget that you ARE drinking alcohol. But forget all that – ENJOY RESPONSIBILITY!!

  11. Jeremy September 13, 2009

    I recently took a road trip to Charleston. My uncle got married on the grounds at Irwin House Vineyards, on Wadmalaw Island. It was an amazing experience to take a tour of the grounds where Firefly (and some of the best wine I’ve ever had) is made. Firefly also makes a muscadine (grape) and mint tea vodka that are equally as great. The mint makes an awesome sweet tea mojito!

  12. Greg October 30, 2009

    firefly and lemonade = best drink i’ve ever had. try it its really really good. couldn’t really even taste to alcohol…just tasted like a great drink so be careful.

  13. Michael November 1, 2009

    People around my house have found a new name for a “spiked Arnold Palmer” or the Firefly and lemonade concoction……a John Daly…yes yes let the Daly jokes begin

  14. LAZERLibby November 7, 2009

    Great stuff!

  15. Justin Strader November 11, 2009

    1/3 FireFly Sweet Tea and 2/3 Water with limon Perfect!

  16. katylv November 16, 2009

    I have to agree with J. Lindsey’s comments about Jeremiah Weed. I can’t get enough of this stuff! I mix it with lemonade or cranberry juice or a Crystal Light flavor; there are way more options than I excepted. So sorry TC, I’ll have to say that I’m big fan of Jeremiah Weed, tried Firefly, but really diggin’ the Jeremiah Weed.

  17. Crystal November 25, 2009

    FireFly is really a wonderful drink so smooth. I drink it with lemonade and it’s great on a hot day in south Florida. My next test will be lemon jello shots I’m sure they will go down just fine.

  18. Ryan December 24, 2009

    Anyone know if this FireFly Vodka has alot of caffeine in it? Really want to try this but too much caffeine gives me blinding headaches and that would not be pretty on top of a hanover! Thanks!

  19. irishgal01 January 15, 2010

    I am addicted to this stuff!!! My son introduced me to this in May of ’09 a nd it’s the only thing I drink any more. I can’t get enough!! He gave me a BIG bottle for Christmas and since then I’ve finished that bottle, one fifth and I’m half way through another BIG bottle. I try to go a few days without it but I crave it! I drink it with water so I’m getting my daily water in-take!! I’ve tried the lemonade sweet tea vodka but I prefer just the plain sweet tea vodka. Oh, buy the way, I am talking about FIREFLY!! It’s the best!!!

  20. SHERRI January 26, 2010


  21. steve January 29, 2010

    what is the sugar??? this suff must be loaded with sugar. anyone know the details?

  22. Lucinda February 26, 2010

    I REALLY need to know if Firefly has caffeine in it, as I am VERY allergic to caffeine and want to try it, but am fearful. Thank you for whoever can answer my question.

  23. Marlene June 16, 2010

    firefly sweet tea vodka with tropicana orangeade. i use diet orangeade. 1 shot sweet tea vodka 2 shots orangeade.

  24. after a nite of drinking this my friends renamed me Sweet Phil

  25. Robichaux October 8, 2010

    I live in Loisiana, and this is THE DRINK… I know, I know…you thought it was the hurracaine!!! Well, that WAS the drink, then it was the mint julip…. well, now we take our favorite NON alcoholic drink that has vodka mixed with itap (could there be a better duo?!?.. i think not) and mix it with ANYtHING AND EVERYRHING… kinda like a sweet tea vodka gumbo!! my 2 faves are: STV mixed with fresh lemon juice,7-up and crushed ice and the STV mojito. I also like it mixed with more sweet tea and a lil squeeze of fresh lemon…the things u can do with this stuff is endless and after mixing it with other things for 3 or 4 drinks, dont be surprised if you finish off the bottle by just pouring the stuff on ice!!!! I can honestly say there hasnt been a better mix since PB&J. O, I almost forgot….these drinks go down the best when your outside with 50 of your best friends frying fish… just cook up a batch of fried pickles first to “sample” with you sweet southern concoction!!! oooowee, LOUISIANA SATURDAY NIGHT!!

  26. Robichaux October 8, 2010

    Ya’ll gona love this stuff as much as Jr. loves his cousin!

  27. Jimmy February 15, 2011

    It seems as though there’s a lot of fans of sweet tea vodka here so I feel as though I’d be doing ya’ll an injustice if I didn’t tell ya’ll about Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka. ( This product is far superior to the Jeremiah and Firefly products as it is the only one that truely uses all natural top of the line ingredients. While Jeremiah and Firefly use a low grade vodka, Deep Eddy uses a 10x column distilled vodka that is better then most vodkas on the market. Deep Eddy also uses a premium whole leaf indonesian black tea and sweetens its product with clover honey from a beekeeper in Central Texas. Finally Jeremiah and Firefly use sugar syrup where as Deep Eddy only uses pure cane sugar.

    If ya’ll are really as crazy about sweet tea vodka as you claim to be then YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT DEEP EDDY and really have the Sweet Tea Vodka experience worth having!

  28. Ed July 27, 2011

    I would love to try Deep Eddy, but how can I when they don’t sell outside of Texas?

  29. Bay May 25, 2014

    Firefly sweet tea vodka.
    Taste like shit
    I can take Kentucky Deluxe Whiskey
    Fireball and jäger better that this stuff.
    Firefly sweet tea vodka is weak as hell .
    Drank a whole 5th with my bf and it barely did anything
    Waste of $20 if you ask me .

  30. cange June 3, 2015

    I picked up a bottle today and I’ve yet to even open it but I notice “Firefly Distillery, Frankfort, KY”, “first created…Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina,” tea produced “within 5 miles.” So it’s still the same tea and the vodka is processed the same way? If no, then I guess this label contains a bit o semantic obfuscation.

  31. Christopher Null June 3, 2015

    Buffalo Trace makes the Sweet Tea expression now in Kentucky for Firefly.

  32. cange June 6, 2015

    And the tea? And the way the vodka is produced? It tasted good but as far as I know it’s produced in China now. I’ll just avoid it. I liked the original story.

  33. Margie October 11, 2015

    Google “Cheddars Texas Sweet Tea” seriously the best. Firefly, regular vodka, lemonade, amaretto. It is YUMMO!

  34. Moira December 9, 2015

    I reommendizing it with a little fresh lemonaid…. Make some amazing Arnold Palmer. excellent!

  35. Terri May 7, 2020

    Love this with Lemonade or crystal light lemonade packet added to water – less sugar.
    This is hands down my go too!


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