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Review: Tabasco Spicy Tequila

Today is Mexican Independence Day. (Independence from Spain in 1810, Einstein.) That means you should be drinking tequila right now. Or at least a Pacifico. Alas, I’ve but one bottle of tequila in the Drinkhacker review queue, and it’s not exactly something you’re going to want to suck down til dawn. Sorry.

Anyway, you read the subject line: We’re talking about Tabasco Spicy Tequila. As in tequila with Tabasco Sauce in it. For real.

If you’re the kind of drinker who throws back a shot of Cuervo and immediately growls, “Wow, that didn’t burn enough going down!” then Tabasco Spicy Tequila is for you. This tequila gives you two kind of burns: One from the tequila and a totally different one from the hot sauce. The result is an overpowering sense of imminent death, should you be so unwise as to drink a full 1.5 ounces of this in one gulp.

Now this isn’t a slam. The whole wheat side of me can see this tequila being used in moderation in super-hot cocktails (maybe your occasional Bloody Maria)… but the frosted side figures it’s going to become popular with the frat boy/bar bet crowd. “$20 if you can do three shots in a row…” God help you if you don’t have salt, lime, and a Bible handy.

The tequila’s 80 proof and the base spirit is nothing special. It’s a mixto tequila (common with adulterated/flavored tequilas) that has a fair amount of agave character despite the heat of the Tabasco. (If you’re looking to save money, you might even try mixing your own version of this. Tabasco Sauce is cheap in comparison.)

As for those shots, regular readers will know that I prefer to sip my tequilas rather than taste them just once in a shot. This is one of those experiences where I figure many, alas, will be tasting it twice.

80 proof.

C / $22

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Tabasco Spicy Tequila



Christopher Null

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  1. Anonymous October 3, 2008

    Not bad. Works great in a traditional margarita (Sour, triple sec, limejuice, well shaken, salt rim), adds a nice spice kick to the margarita. I think there are better tequilas for the money for shots though.

  2. april November 26, 2008

    do they sell this is Canada? I’m intrigued..

  3. WHAT January 26, 2011

    Ew… EW… Tabasco and tequila?!?! I love anything spicy but…. drinking straight up tabasco sounds nasty

  4. WHAT January 26, 2011

    Ew… EW… Tabasco and tequila?!?! I love anything spicy but…. drinking straight up tabasco sounds nasty… Ill give it a try though

  5. sweetSOURchicken August 18, 2011

    if they made texas pete flavord tequila i might give that a shot, cuz at least when i was throwin it up it would taste like buffalo wings..

  6. Laura Broussard June 12, 2017

    I love to put it in my Bloody Mary.
    Where can I get a bottle


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