Review: Tequila Don Ramon Tamarindo

Review: Tequila Don Ramon Tamarindo

Tequila Don Ramon makes high-end tequilas so fancy that Pierce Brosnan is a spokesman for them. It also makes this: A 100% agave blanco that is artificially flavored with tamarind flavor.

It smells nice enough — sweet, with clear tamarind notes, both spicy and earthy — but the flavor is another animal. Charitably, it is off-putting, with an overpowering industrial quality that feels like it could do a good job at cleaning the gunk out of the sink drain. Animalistic and sweaty, the spirit is defined mostly by its aftertaste — definitely not something you’d call a “finish” —  which is guttural and chemical in quality, a bit like a freshly cleaned bathroom.

Charitably, of course.

80 proof.

D- / $26 /

Tequila Don Ramon Tamarindo




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