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Reviews of spirits, wine, and beer (and various errata like mixers and garnishes) comprise more than 80% of the content at Drinkhacker. At the C level, products are considered common and lackluster at best. These products are almost never recommended, as better alternatives abound. On a five-star scale, these products would score 2 stars. On the traditional 100-point scale popular with many wine and spirits graders, these products would merit scores of 72 to 74 points.

Review: Firestone Walker Mind Haze Citrus Cyclone, Hopical Crush, and Tiki Smash

By Rob Theakston | November 4, 2021 |

If there’s one thing (besides quality) Firestone Walker can hang their hat on, it’s the ability to thematically put together a variety twelve-pack of their offerings which make sense and are easy to enjoy from to the next without facing abrupt transitions. This time around, they’ve gone tropical with a trio of flavored IPAs. Each…

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Review: Beers of Sierra Nevada, (Core) 2021 Releases

By Christopher Null | October 24, 2021 |

Sierra Nevada is one of the most notable and long-lived craft distilleries in the country, having grown from humble beginnings in Chico, California to the third-largest independent distillery in the country. Our coverage of the brewery has been spotty over the years. With this review we delve into most of the core lineup, going all…

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Review: Wines of Vento di Mare, 2021 Releases

By Christopher Null | October 16, 2021 |

We covered one of the wines of Sicily’s Vento di Mare recently, after which the winery decided to send us four more wines in its affordable organic lineup. We delve into that quartet posthaste: 2020 Vento di Mare Pinot Grigio IGT – A milder pinot grigio you would have trouble finding, this gently floral offering…

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Review: Natural Light Sour Seltzers, Complete Lineup

By Christopher Null | September 12, 2021 |

Natty Light, the brand you know and love, is spreading its wings with numerous new products including, of course, a malt beverage-based seltzer, which is available in four flavors. The twist? They’re all sour — the first ever sour seltzer, per the company — so fans of the mouth-puckering stuff may find them a refreshing…

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Tasting Virginia’s Best Wines, 2021 Releases

By Christopher Null | August 4, 2021 |

We’re back for our third round with the Virginia’s Governor’s Cup Gold Medalists — a selection of the best wines from the state’s annual wine competition. As has been the norm for the past two years, it’s a well-mixed collection of whites, reds, and dessert bottlings. Let’s dig in. 2014 Trump Sparkling Brut Reserve Monticello –…

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Review: Kasama Rum 7 Years Old

By Christopher Null | August 2, 2021 |

Kasama Rum is a new brand being produced by Alexandra Dorda – the daughter of Tad Dorda, who co-founded Belvedere and Chopin Vodka in the early ’90s. Now the Filipino-Polish entrepreneur is here to bring a rum featuring both of her cultures to the masses. It’s distilled in the Philippines and bottled in Poland, after…

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Review: Radeberger Pilsner and Zwickel

By Christopher Null | July 21, 2021 |

Our final look at the beers of Radeberg, Germany-based Radeberger includes these two eponymous, classic pilsners, one filtered and one not. Radeberger Pilsner – A crisp and unassuming lager, malty and fresh with plenty of cereal notes dominating. It’s as straightforward as a pilsner can get, though notes of lightly undercooked dough on the back…

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2 Texas Wines Reviewed: Aire y Sol and Bent Oak Winery, 2021 Releases

By Christopher Null | July 7, 2021 |

How far has Texas come as a wine producer? Let’s find out with these two recently released bottlings. 2018 Aire y Sol Viognier Texas – Not immediately recognizable as viognier; I probably would have suggested a funkier, greener sauvignon blanc had I tasted this blind. Fairly astringent with ammonia notes, the wine is pungent with…

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Review: Berry Bros & Rudd Glen Keith 24 Years Old 1993

By Rob Theakston | July 7, 2021 |

Berry Brothers & Rudd is another venerable independent bottler which curates a wide variety of spirits beyond single malts (wine, gin, Cognac, etc). This timely review takes us back to a 2018 release and Speyside’s Glen Keith distillery. A bit of historical background via Berry Bros. website: Glen Keith (a.k.a. Glenkeith), was established on the…

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Review: Milagro Tequila, Core Lineup (2021)

By Robert Lublin | May 22, 2021 |

The Milagro line of tequilas has expanded, but its original, core lineup continues to be a popular, affordable, and widely available option that we last reviewed in 2015. Let’s try the most recent bottlings and see how they compare to earlier ones. All expressions continue to be 100% blue agave and 80 proof. Milagro Tequila…

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