Vodka goes in and out of fashion, but not its popularity with drinkers. It remains the biggest-selling spirit in the U.S, and even the Scots drink more vodka than whisky. In the U.S., according to the Code of Federal Regulations, vodka is defined as “neutral spirits so distilled, or so treated after distillation with charcoal or other materials, as to be without distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color.” Nevertheless, there are subtle differences between vodka made from potatoes and from grain, for example, two of the most common base products for distilling into vodka. (In recent years, a wide variety of other bases have been used to make vodka.) Infused vodka has usually been infused with natural products (e.g. real lemons), while flavored vodka can mean it contains either natural or artificial flavorings. Rules regarding the acceptable strength of vodka differ slightly around the world. Within the European Union, vodkas can be bottled at as low as 75 proof, while in most countries outside the European Union, and in the U.S., vodka must be at least 80 proof.

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Cayuga Clear Vodka

Review: Cayuga Clear Vodka

By Mike Gerrard | June 1, 2021 |

  Vodka can be made from many things, basically anything that has starch or sugar in it — like potatoes, grains, grapes, or sugar beets. Black Cow Vodka in the UK makes vodka from milk, and we’ve reviewed a couple of New Zealand vodkas that are made from whey. Whey is what’s left over when…

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Review: Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection – Baijiu Style Spirit

By Drew Beard | May 28, 2021 |

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Buffalo Trace, makers of many bourbons you want but can’t find, recently launched the 24th release in their Experimental Collection, and it’s easily the strangest one yet. It isn’t a bourbon. It isn’t really even a whiskey. It isn’t even a spirit familiar to the Western world. It’s…

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Review: Kozuba Potato Vodka, Triple Sec, and Rye 6 Years Old

By Christopher Null | May 10, 2021 |

The Kozuba & Sons Distillery was born in Poland in 2005, and 2014 the company made what you might say is a major move: Picking up stakes and replanting in St. Petersburg, Florida. Now a respected operation in the States, Kozuba produces a range of spirits, including multiple expressions of vodka (naturally), various liqueurs, and…

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Review: Prairie Sustainable Seasons Flavored Vodkas

By Christopher Null | May 9, 2021 |

Prairie Vodka recently released a trilogy of flavored vodkas, each of which is infused with a trio of ingredients. The twist? These flavors are sustainably sourced and USDA certified organic. Notably, the vodkas contain no sugar and no artificial sweeteners at all, giving each of them only 75 calories per 1.5 fluid ounce. Let’s dig…

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Absolut Watermelon Vodka Bottle

Review: Absolut Watermelon Vodka

By Mike Gerrard | May 8, 2021 |

If you’re going for a flavored vodka, it may as well be something natural and appropriate for the season, like watermelon, and from a reliable brand like Absolut. Last summer we reviewed a limited edition Ciroc Summer Watermelon Vodka, so how do the two compare? Well, Ciroc’s label admitted to the use of some artificial…

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Review: Neft Vodka

By Christopher Null | April 15, 2021 |

Neft is the vodka that comes in a miniature oil drum. The biggest question you may have is that when you see Neft on the shelf, there are white cans and black cans. What’s the difference? Nothing. The vodka inside is the same in both, so pick the can that appeals to you the most.…

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Review: Grey Goose Vodka (2021)

By Christopher Null | April 11, 2021 |

Grey Goose is simultaneously one of the most loved and hated spirits brands in the world. Legions of martini drinkers have turned Grey Goose, which is now owned by Bacardi, into a must-call phenomenon on the back bar, and today some 20 million bottles of the stuff are sold every year. (Though this number has…

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Review: Wheatley Vodka

By Drew Beard | April 9, 2021 |

When you hear the words Buffalo Trace Distillery, probably the very last spirit that comes to mind is vodka. Well, maybe tequila, but vodka is definitely down at the bottom of that list. It may surprise you then to know that not only does the world-famous whiskey distillery produce a vodka, but its master distiller,…

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Review: Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind Vodka

By Christopher Null | March 30, 2021 |

My tamarind fandom is well documented, so naturally when Smirnoff released a tamarind-flavored vodka, I was ready to give it a try. This bottling was originally exclusive to Mexico, where the tamarind is king, but recently it arrived in the U.S., complete with a spooky glows-under-black-light label. As cool as the label is, it’s the…

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Review: Tahoe Blue Vodka

By Christopher Null | March 23, 2021 |

“Keep Tahoe Blue” is a common bumper sticker refrain around these parts, as the lake, nestled between California and Nevada, is renowned for its pristine blue water. Tahoe Blue Vodka is a blend of three vodka distillates — 50% from sugarcane, 25% from grapes, and 25% from corn. It’s “made with Tahoe water,” per the…

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