Review: Krol Vodka (2024)

Review: Krol Vodka (2024)

In the 16 years since our first review, Poland’s Kröl has lost an umlaut and gained an acute accent. The new Król has also had a recipe change. Once made from rye, it’s now distilled from potatoes. So: Totally different product, it seems.

Nonetheless, 2024 Krol offers a pretty familiar package, Old World vodka at its inexpensive best. Bracing and medicinal on the nose, the vodka features subtle notes of thyme and rosemary, with some lingering white pepper notes. The palate melds the above with a gentle sweetness — marshmallow cream, perhaps — and a touch of milk chocolate, hinting at peanut butter on the finish. Looking back at my 2008 tasting notes… well, surprise, when you get down to the flavor, not much has changed at all, though it’s $10 cheaper per bottle now.

All told it’s still a solid mixing choice. Potato, potahto.

80 proof.

A- / $15

Krol Vodka (2024)




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