Review: Khor Vodka – Ice and De Luxe (2024)

Review: Khor Vodka – Ice and De Luxe (2024)

Ukraine’s Khortytsa (we reviewed the Platinum expression in 2016) is now just “Khor” — presumably an attempt to make the name easier to pronounce. Not a bad idea; I have trouble typing it, too.

But Khortytsa, er, Khor, actually has three expressions, the other two of which we are finally reviewing today.

Both are 80 proof.

Khor Ice Vodka – Encased in a color-changing bottle which turns blue at 41 degrees Fahrenheit, where it is “best to drink.” I tried the double-distilled, “7x filtered” vodka both ways, at room temp (which is how we taste almost everything) and out of the fridge. Old World all the way, this is a medicinal, alcohol-forward experience with an ever-so-slight touch of sweetness to temper any hard edges. Give it time in glass and a bit of lemon comes into focus — more peel than oil or juice. A bit short on the finish, without much in the way of a denouement. Designed to be kept in the freezer, and used accordingly. (And naturally, the bracing cold gives this — and any vodka — a leg up.) Seems about right. B / $16

Khor De Luxe Vodka – Khor’s top of the line, denoted as a distillate of corn, with the same 7-stage filtration process applied. Slightly sharper and earthier on the nose, it again evokes the Old World with a punchy, slightly medicinal quality. Chewy on the palate with elements of almond extract, guava, and a touch of vanilla, it tastes more complex than the Ice expression, with a longer, sustained finish that again evokes roasted nuts alongside a slight, seaweed-adjacent salinity. Now I know what you’re thinking: He’s swayed by the fancy(ish) bottle. But this is a different (and considerably better) product than Khor Ice, I swear to God, as I tasted them side by side, for real. It’s still very affordable, and a solid deal at this price. A- / $27 [BUY IT NOW FROM CASKERS]

Khor De Luxe Vodka




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