Cachaca is a form of rum manufactured almost exclusively in Brazil, where it is phenomenally popular. Unlike rum, which is typically made from molasses, cachaca is made from fermented, unprocessed, fresh sugarcane juice. Cachaca is typically bottled unaged as prata, branca, or white cachaca, but aged cachaca is also on the market. This barrel-aged cachaca tends to be higher in quality and more approachable on its own. White cachaca is almost exclusively consumed in mixed drinks, most notably the caipirinha.

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Review: Agua Luca Cachaca

By Christopher Null | July 10, 2008 |

Cachaça continues its run for the It Spirit of the ’00s. Here’s another contestant: Água Luca, an otherwise standard cachaça with the distinction of being filtered twelve times en route to the bottle. Maybe that filtering robs Água Luca of some of its character? Água Luca has a very typical cachaça profile, with a strong…

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Review: Cabana Cachaça

By Christopher Null | June 7, 2008 |

If you haven’t seen Cabana’s advertisements in the glossies, you haven’t been looking hard enough. You really can’t miss them, what with the woman’s lower torso and the tagline “Authentically Brazilian.” (As a side note, this has caused some tongues to wag, as the spirit is brought to us by an American liquor magnate.) Politics…

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Review: Ypioca Empalhada Prata & Ouro Cachaca

By Christopher Null | March 2, 2008 |

After my recent review of Beija cachaça, the good souls at challenger Ypióca (don’t ask me how to pronounce it) sent a volley across my bow, obliquely throwing down a little smack by claiming “every day there seems a new U.S.-made designer brand… wanting to be the next Grey Goose of the category.” Them’s fighting…

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Original Recipe: Sparkling Caipirinha

By Christopher Null | February 16, 2008 |

As discussed here, I promised my recipe for the Sparkling Caipirinha, a lighter way to sip cachaça, a Brazilian sugar cane rum. This cocktail offers the spirit of the Caipirinha but is easier to sip; more like a Mojito than a Martini. The Sparkling Caipirinha 1/2 a lime, cut into four pieces 1 teaspoon sugar…

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Review: Beija Cachaca Virgin Cane Rum

By Christopher Null | February 16, 2008 |

Eric Felten wrote recently that cachaça is taking the world by storm, like it or not. The unofficial national spirit of Brazil, cachaça is used to make Brazil’s official national cocktail, the Caipirinha. Brazil produces over a billion liters of the stuff each year, and only 1% of it ever leaves the country. Brazilians, they…

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