Cachaca is a form of rum manufactured almost exclusively in Brazil, where it is phenomenally popular. Unlike rum, which is typically made from molasses, cachaca is made from fermented, unprocessed, fresh sugarcane juice. Cachaca is typically bottled unaged as prata, branca, or white cachaca, but aged cachaca is also on the market. This barrel-aged cachaca tends to be higher in quality and more approachable on its own. White cachaca is almost exclusively consumed in mixed drinks, most notably the caipirinha.

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Tasting Report: Ministry of Rum Festival 2011

By Christopher Null | October 9, 2011 |

Last year’s Ministry of Rum event was a tasty yet tiny look at the growing world of rum, and most of the same faces — with a few new ones — were back again in 2011. I focused on unfamiliar brands at this walk-around event… but made it a point to retry a few rums…

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I Took the Cachaca Challenge

By Christopher Null | February 16, 2011 |

There is nothing more fun – or terrifying – than doing a blind head-to-head tasting of wine or spirits. What if everything you thought you knew was wrong? What if it turns out you like Gallo from a jug better than Screaming Eagle? (Answer: Well, then, you’re lucky. You’ll save a lot of money down…

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Review: Weber Haus Cachaca Silver

By Christopher Null | December 14, 2009 |

I don’t think it’s just me who pegs “Weber Haus” as a distinctly German name… and maybe an odd choice for a Brazilian cachaca… but no matter. Weber Haus actually makes a wide variety of cachacas for the local and export markets, including aged and various, special bottlings. This silver cachaca, which has been sitting…

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Review: Cuca Fresca Cachaca and Caipirinha

By Christopher Null | December 2, 2009 |

It’s been a while — too long, perhaps — since we sampled a new cachaca at Drinkhacker HQ, but Cuca Fresca has arrived to our watering palates. Cuca Fresca Cachaca – This unaged Brazilian rum is intensely fragrant, filling the room with sweet lime notes. The body is more typical of cachaca, with that smoky…

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Recipe: Rio’s Celebratory Caipirinha

By Christopher Null | October 7, 2009 |

By now everyone knows that Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympics (sorry, Chi-town), and should you find yourself wishing to toast the city’s victory (any excuse for a cocktail…), you’ll likely pour yourself a caipirinha, the semi-official cocktail of all of Brazil. If that’s too staid, Leblon offers this spin on the drink.…

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Review: Seagram’s Brazilian Rum, Complete Lineup

By Christopher Null | May 12, 2009 |

It looks like cachaca is continuing its rise, and now even mass market spiriters Seagram’s is getting into the mix. Seagram’s (yeah, the gin guys!) new line of Brazilian rum doesn’t say cachaca on the label (and doesn’t offer a whole lot of information about what they’re created from or where, aside from “Brazil”), and…

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Review: Boca Loca Cachaca

By Christopher Null | December 16, 2008 |

Boca Loca is another good cachaca to recently hit the market — and with its lipstick-scrawled-on-glass packaging it immediately presents itself as an uncomplicated product designed for the masses. I expect any drinker would have an easy time approaching this cachaca, which tastes and smells not of the spirit’s typical gasoline but rather of charred…

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Review: Sagatiba Pura Cachaca

By Christopher Null | September 3, 2008 |

“Fusing more than 500 years of tradition with advanced technology” brings us Sagatiba Pura cachaça, another big entrant into the rapidly proliferating cachaça craze. Sagatiba is a largely representative example of the spirit, 80 proof, fairly clean and noticeably sweet when sipped straight. There is citrus — lemon/lime and a bit of orange — on…

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Recipe: Leblon-Lychee Popsicle

By Christopher Null | August 28, 2008 |

I haven’t tried this yet, but it does sound awfully good. Recipe courtesy Leblon. Leblon-Lychee Popsicle 1 1/2 oz. Leblon Cachaça 4 oz. Coconut water with the pieces of young coconut meat 1 oz. simple syrup 3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice 1 oz. Boiron Lychee Puree Add all ingredients into a shaker tin. Pour contents…

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Review: Leblon Cachaca

By Christopher Null | August 12, 2008 |

Leblon was the first cachaça I ever tried and it remains a perfectly acceptable introduction to the beauty of the spirit. The company was kind enough to send a fresh bottle, and it remains as charming a cachaça as ever. You won’t miss that gigantic green bottle on the shelf (it barely fits in my…

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