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Book Review: The Quotable Drunkard

By Christopher Null | July 28, 2011 |

For some reason, I get a kick out of reading quotations, and I expect I’m not alone, explaining why so many books of quotes are on the market. Steven Kates turns to a natural topic – the bottle – for this themed book of musings, and for the most part it’s a solid one. Split…

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Book Review: Exploring Wine

By Christopher Null | July 25, 2011 |

Every wine drinker needs one (and only one) book like this: A magnificent, encyclopedia-sized tome that tells you everything you can possibly want to know about wine in a single book. Or tries to, anyway. As such a subject is basically unmasterable, the goal with a mega-book like this is to be as comprehensive as…

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Book Review: Bettane & Desseauve’s Guide to the Wines of France

By Christopher Null | July 22, 2011 |

France is probably the most complicated wine region in the world, full of viticultural areas that not only are most consumers unable to locate on a map, but which they can’t even pronounce. The thick and unwieldy Bettane & Desseauve’s Guide to the Wines of France will be of little help to most drinkers, an…

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Book Review: Old Man Drinks: Recipes, Advice, and Barstool Wisdom

By Christopher Null | June 3, 2011 |

This slim little novelty book from Robert Schnakenberg is as harmless as it is cute: A collection of “Old Man Drink” cocktail recipes, paired with photos of old codgers sitting on barstools and quotes condensing their wisdom into various aphorisms. Many of the drinks are indeed nothing that anyone under the age of 55 would…

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Book Review: How to Booze: Exquisite Cocktails and Unsound Advice

By Christopher Null | June 2, 2011 |

This mixology manual from veteran writer Jordan Kaye and co-author Marshall Altier tries to spin the usual, tired, organized-by-spirit cocktail manual by taking its several dozen drinks – mostly classics, with just a handful of originals thrown in – and offering “The Right Drink for Every Situation.” Neat idea, and in Kaye and Altier’s world,…

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Book Review: Let Me Tell You About Wine

By Christopher Null | May 30, 2011 |

The venerable – unavoidable, even – Oz Clarke continues to grind out book after book, and this almost-coffee-table-sized tome is designed to make wine accessible to even the most rank novice. If you know nothing, you’ll probably get sucked in by the pictures of strawberries and chocolate, part of Clarke’s goal to get you thinking…

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Book Review: The Ultimate Wine Companion

By Christopher Null | March 12, 2011 |

For a book purporting to be the “ultimate” wine companion, this tome is awfully slim. No judgments, really, but anything claiming “ultimate” status always makes me wonder about where a writer’s bar of excellence may lie. Like the previously reviewed Whiskypedia, The Ultimate Wine Companion is not the work of one writer but rather a…

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Book Review: Whiskey & Philosophy

By Christopher Null | February 18, 2011 |

It is try that whiskey has a tendency to make philosophers out of all of us, but I didn’t know that would lead anyone to actually write a book on the topic. Truth be told, Whiskey & Philosophy is not really a study of drinking dogma but an anthology (written by 20 different authors or…

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Book Review: Whiskypedia

By Christopher Null | October 23, 2010 |

The beauty of books about whiskey (vs. books about wine) is that they needn’t be replaced quite so often with new ones. Compared to the wine world, the whiskey world is relatively plodding in speed, and the Black Label you drink today is going to taste and be made an awful lot like the Black…

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Book Review: The Quick-Fix Hangover Detox

By Christopher Null | September 2, 2010 |

Subtitled “99 Ways to Feel 100 Times Better,” this slim tome (just 99 pages long including the index) is a straightforward list of recipes and advice for correcting the worst part of drinking: the hangover. The advice is split into three sections – before, during, and after you drink – and the advice varies from…

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