Book Review: The Big Book of Martinis for Moms

Book Review: The Big Book of Martinis for Moms

MartinisForMomsThe premise of The Big Book of Martinis for Moms is straightforward enough and to its credit, is never deviated from through 250 pages and 175-plus recipes. What one sees is exactly what one gets. Authors Rose Maura Lorre and Mavis Lamb (both professional bloggers and highly accomplished cocktail journalists) have painstakingly developed and curated recipes for every demonstrable occasion along the child-rearing process.

Some occasions are indeed well worth celebrating, while others pose an air of questionable appropriateness (is it really a good idea to even suggest making a martini after staying up all night with a child? Although to be fair, the Sicktini Reviver is a pretty tasty concoction.) Digging through the guide will reveal some tried and true martinis: the Classic, Gibson, and Dirty variations both make an appearance here. Some barely meet the traditional criteria and others stray even further still from the definition: a martini in name (or glass) only (MINO).

Pull away from the surface level maternal themes and general aesthetic design and there are plenty of creative ideas for drinks, regardless of target audience. Perhaps that’s one of the bigger flaws of the book: to narrow down to such a target demographic limits the potential of enjoyment of these drinks by a wider audience.

While it may not fit in at your local watering hole, it could certainly find a place on your home bookshelf or as an excellent gift for baby showers, Mother’s Day, or any other occasion to celebrate women who sacrifice so much for their children (and could use a stiff drink after).


The Big Book of Martinis for Moms




Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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