Book Review: The 40 Minute Irish Whiskey Guide

Book Review: The 40 Minute Irish Whiskey Guide

40MIWGFew books could be more appropriate for the celebration leading up to St. Patrick’s Day than a resource guide to Irish whiskey, one of which conveniently just arrived in our inbox.

At a mere 40 pages in length, 27Press’ 40-Minute Irish Whiskey Guide is a brisk read, and could prove debatable as to whether or not it is an actual “book” in the strictest of definitions. But to its credit, the guide gives a surprisingly effective orientation to the world of Irish whiskey. It doesn’t go too in depth with history and long-winded anecdotes, but provides only the bare essentials and fundamentals. It starts with the malting and distillation process and gives a small lesson on Irish whiskey’s origins. The next chapters (described here as “lessons”) prepare the reader for how to properly taste Irish whiskey, a brief tour and overview of such working Irish distilleries as the New Midleton, Old Bushmills, Cooley, and Kilbeggan, and closes with a few time honored recipes for drinks such as an Irish Cream and Irish Coffee.

The effectiveness of the 40 Minute Irish Whiskey guide lies in two key elements: its simplicity and its price point. An informal, almost effortless delivery makes it an easy read, and at a price of $1, it’s hard to find a better value for the content provided. Those already well versed in the world of Irish whiskey, its brands, and distillation processes may find this a thoroughly unnecessary purchase, bereft of any new insights. However, those looking to branch out and find themselves in need of a reference map for their travels could do far worse, especially at such an agreeable price point.


The 40 Minute Irish Whiskey Guide




Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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