Review: WhistlePig CampStock Wheat Whiskey

Review: WhistlePig CampStock Wheat Whiskey

With rye, bourbon, and malt whiskey under its belt, what’s left for WhistlePig to explore? Well, wheat whiskey of course. Enter CampStock, a limited edition offering that’s actually a blend of two whiskeys — 85% wheat whiskey and 15% rye — which still merits a “wheat whiskey” designation. The whiskey is a collaboration of sorts with Solo Stove, a portable smokeless camp stove which is being bundled with this whiskey as part of a unique promotion. The final blend is finished in “an innovative Solo Stove Bonfire toasted barrel” wherein WhistlePig barrels are broken down to create custom firewood which was used to smokelessly toast the finishing barrels. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of info about the underlying whiskeys beyond that.

Gimmick? Yes. It’s WhistlePig. It’s gimmicks from here to the horizon, folks. They don’t always pan out, but more often than not they’re winners. Let’s see how this one fares.

The sweet nose evokes classic wheat whiskey aromatics, nutty and buttery, but there’s some spicy rye sharpness underneath. Toasty oak makes an impact, too, amplifying the spice character and layering in some sharper edges. More bourbon-like as it opens up in the glass, notes of vanilla and torched caramel provide a familiar backbone to lean against.

The palate is again heavy with nutty elements, backed up with notes of torched orange peel, vanilla, and a lighter caramel character. Butterscotch builds as the finish approaches, and while the Solo Stove folks openly encourage s’mores-making, an evocation of toasted marshmallow doesn’t feel like something I’m imagining based on suggestion. More graham cracker than chocolate bar on the finish, however.

It’s not a complicated whiskey, but I never found a sour moment to complain about. It’s charming and easy-drinking… and something that any bourbon fan will easily gravitate to. If wheat whiskey’s never been your jam, well, see what adding 15% rye to the mix can do for you.

Note that the whiskey is sold separately for $75 or in a bundle with a Solo Stove Mesa XL, a small box of WhistlePig’s own firewood, and two etched glasses for $200. I haven’t broken out the stove yet, but one of these days I know there will be a marshmallow with my name on it.

86 proof.

A- / $75 / 

WhistlePig CampStock Wheat Whiskey




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