Review: Accompani Dry Vermouth

Review: Accompani Dry Vermouth


We’ve covered a bit of the lineup from Portland-based Straightaway Cocktails’ Accompani brand, and today we take a dive into one of the most widely used spirits, vermouth. This is a dry vermouth, made with tarragon, thyme, citron, sweet woodruff, and rose, among other botanicals.

This is a versatile and fresh vermouth, pale yellow in color, with a nose that instantly evokes the rose petals in the recipe. Orange and lemon peel duel for second fiddle, with a mild herbaceous quality following behind. The palate is more sweet than bitter or drying, with a classic herb-heavy construction that pairs nicely with the overtones of melon and increasingly pushy lemon notes. With gin, it makes for a solid martini, balancing out the juniper and peppery notes of a high-quality gin with just a hint of sweetness, a slight salinity, and a pop of fruit. I like it plenty and will be putting it into my vermouth rotation (for as long as it lasts in the fridge).

17% abv.

A- / $25 / 

Accompani Dry Vermouth




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