Review: The Singleton of Glen Ord 40 Years Old

Review: The Singleton of Glen Ord 40 Years Old

The Singleton brand has finally put the cap on its ultra-rare Epicurean Odyssey Series, which launched with a 38 year old expression from Glen Ord, was followed up by a 39 year old, and now ends the story with its natural conclusion: The Singleton of Glen Ord 40 Years Old.

Each of the three whiskies has featured a different barrel regimen (we didn’t sample the 38 or 39), with the 40 year old matured in a series of bourbon and Pedro Ximenez and oloroso sherry casks. The ultimate finishing takes place in Ron Zacapa XO rum casks, which sounds overwhelmingly decadent. Eight casks in total were produced, with 1,716 bottles available globally and 126 available for sale in the U.S.

The whisky is destined for after-dinner sipping, and for the U.S. launch, The Singleton teamed up with pastry chef Eunji Lee, the owner of Korean & French-inspired dessert shop Lysée in New York City, to create a specialty dessert pairing inspired by the whisky. We got to try this custom Pecan Financier, and while you can’t purchase the dessert, we did get the recipe for you. It’s at the bottom of the page. (It’s a great dessert with or without the spirit!)

But to that end, let’s give the whisky a try.

Classic sherry notes make the most immediate impact, the classic citrus, nut, and leather combination combining with a boldly spicy, peppery, and surprisingly malt-forward aroma. Nutty notes are the most impactful, almonds and sesame seed getting quite forceful as a savory, mushroomy character builds with time in glass. The palate puts the spice elements first, classic baking spice complemented by a pinch of saffron and some orange oil, then a note of thyme. Things segue into an apple cider character, with more pepper — here, more of a white pepper character — becoming prominent. More lies in wait for the patient — notes of grapefruit peel and a sharp radish quality. Busy but balanced, the whisky lingers for quite a while on the finish, finally relenting to fade out with a light floral note and just a touch of bitter spice. If you get a chance to drink some alongside a Pecan Financier, I highly recommend it.

91.8 proof.


Eunji Lee’s Pecan Financier
86g Sugar
30g Almond flour
75g Egg white
70g Brown butter
30g Rice flour
1 pinch Fleur de sel (or salt)

Mix all powders, and mix with tempered egg white
Add tempered brown butter
Pipe into the mold, slightly sprayed with grease
Put 3 pcs of toasted pecan (or more, add pecan slices with a slicer on the top for the decoration
Bake in the convection oven at 170c (Celsius) for 10~13min (depending on the oven)
When it cool down, enjoy with the whisky

The Singleton of Glen Ord 40 Years Old




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