Bar Food

As long as there have been bars, there has been bar food, in the form of snacks given away for free or entire meals that can be eaten while quaffing your favorite libation. (It’s said that the concept of tapas began when bartenders would cover a drink with a plate to keep bugs out, and then they began putting food on said plate.) Today, many five-star restaurants allow you to dine on their complete menu while sitting at the bar, stretching the definition of what “bar food” really is. At Drinkhacker, bar food means any number of things, including sweet or salty snacks that pair well with drink, food designed by chefs to pair with certain beverages, and (especially, since these are the most reviewable), foodstuffs that are made with alcohol as part of the recipe. A sampling of all of the above can be found below.

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Review: Sante Bourbon Pecans

By Christopher Null | September 28, 2022 |

OK, spoiler. There is no bourbon in Sante’s bourbon pecans. In fact, there are only five ingredients, though one of them — “natural flavor” — could at least refer to a bourbon-like flavor, no? Sante makes a whole bunch of candied nuts, but these bourbon-ish pecans are one of their best products, and the only…

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Book Review: Bar Menu: 100+ Drinking Food Recipes for Cocktail Hours at Home

By Rob Theakston | August 23, 2022 |

For his second book of 2022, Andre Darlington takes a detour from the pleasurable Booze & Vinyl series, taking the dominant focus off making cocktails for a few hundred pages, and examining the possibilities of how higher-end bar food can enhance a proper night in while mixing drinks. Obviously, a few cocktail recipes are included…

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Review: The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve (2021) and Vosges Chocolates

By Christopher Null | December 13, 2021 |

Dalmore’s Cigar Malt Reserve is a whisky that has never fully resonated with me since its relaunch in 2011, its extreme use of sherry putting me off a bit. The recipe appears to have changed somewhat since our last full review 10 years ago, with Dalmore now describing it thusly: The spirit is initially matured…

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Review: 2020 Hampton Water Rose (Plus Candy)

By Robert Lublin | July 15, 2021 |

Introduced in 2017, Hampton Water Rosé was conceived by rocker Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse Bongiovi, who brought the idea to French winemaker Gerard Bertrand. Learning the wine’s origin, I couldn’t help but think of the lyrics to the Bon Jovi hit “Wanted Dead or Alive”: “Sometimes you tell the day by the…

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Pairing Talisker and Oysters at Home with Real Oyster Cult

By Christopher Null | June 14, 2021 |

A common scene at food-centric events (back when we got to go to food events) would frequently be the Talisker booth, where one busy guy would be tasked with shucking oysters and dousing them with a splash of Talisker whisky to be fed to the faithful. It’s a fun combination — moderately peaty Scotch with…

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Pairing Winefornia Wines with Laura Chenel and Marin French Cheese Co.

By Christopher Null | May 31, 2021 |

Wine tasting is fun. Wine and cheese tasting: Even better. Winefornia recently sent a trio of wines and a half dozen cheeses for us to taste as part of series of launch events for its 2020 Innovatus viognier. Made by Napa’s only Korean female winemaker, Cecil Park, the company is also showcasing two reds to…

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Review: Ben & Jerry’s Whiskey Biz Ice Cream

By Christopher Null | April 21, 2021 |

What happens when you get Vermont neighbors Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and WhistlePig Whiskey in the same room together? It’s not that hard of a question, really: You get whiskey-flavored ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s latest flavor is a wild one indeed, so hang on: Brown butter bourbon ice cream with blonde brownies and…

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Review: Veroni Aperitime Antipasto Trays

By Christopher Null | December 13, 2020 |

There’s no better happy hour snack than an tray full of charcuterie, cheese, crackers, and other snacks — but putting one together can be a real bear. Well, here’s a genius idea from Veroni, which makes a wide range of salumi and antipasto products in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. (Meats sold in the U.S.…

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Review: Troegs Mad Elf Ale and Beer Cheese

By Christopher Null | November 20, 2020 |

We like beer collaborations. Beer and cheese collaborations? Even better. Made Elf Beer Cheese is a wild mashup of Hershey, Pennsylvania-based Troegs and Caputo Brothers Creamery in nearby Spring Grove. This is the third cheese collab between the two brands. Here’s how this one works: Mad Elf Beer Cheese starts with 100% Pennsylvania cow’s milk. At…

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Review: Jeni’s Sparkling Berry Punch Sorbet with Chandon

By Christopher Null | November 11, 2020 |

Wine-infused ice cream is usually the kind of thing you can only get at high-end restaurants. But now you can bring it home, courtesy of a partnership between Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and Chandon California sparkling wine. Jeni’s Sparkling Berry Punch is a sorbet made with blackcurrants, blackberry, and raspberry fruit — plus a touch…

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