Review: Spirit Almonds

Review: Spirit Almonds

Nuts make for a near-perfect drinking snack, and Spirit Almonds are a step up from your jar of Planters.

Crafted as a “Japanese style” snack, the nuts come in six different flavors, many of which have a distinct eastern vibe. While mustard and curry are fairly traditional, things get further afield when you delve into flavors that include seaweed, black garlic, koji salt, and miso.

I sampled all six of the nuts and liked them all, though some more than others. Mustard was probably my least favorite, coming across a lot like the powdered mustard you get on mustard-flavored pretzels. Curry, seaweed, and black garlic were all solid, but the flavoring was a bit mild. I really enjoyed the subtle earthiness of the koji salt flavor — though it could have used more salt — but found my far and away favorite was miso, offering a rich umami character with the creaminess you get in a bowl of good miso soup.

All of the nuts are perfectly roasted and crunchy.

Single-serve pouches offer 1.12 ounces of nuts and the almonds are available as a variety pack or in multi-packs of a single flavor. I’d start with the variety pack and see where it goes from there.

A- / $27 per 12-pack /

Spirit Almonds




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