Review: McConnell’s Garrison Brothers Whiskey & Pecan Pralines Ice Cream

Review: McConnell’s Garrison Brothers Whiskey & Pecan Pralines Ice Cream

Whiskey and ice cream are natural — nay, iconic — matches, and Texas-based Garrison Brothers and California’s McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams figured this out long ago. The two companies have partnered twice before on special edition ice creams; this time around they’re pairing McConnell’s fresh cream with Garrison Brothers Small Batch bourbon plus salt-roasted, caramel-coated pecans.

We were lucky to obtain a few pints of this year’s special edition — which have been released in greater quantities every year since they got started in 2021. It’s unabashedly fun stuff. The whiskey flavor is mixed directly into the ice cream itself, giving it a vanilla-laced, slightly boozy quality. If you’re familiar with Garrison Brothers (or Texas whiskeys), that unique and slightly smoky, wood-heavy character does indeed come through — which is a bit of a surprise given the sweetness of the ice cream. I could have used a few more pecans in the mix — this isn’t a mix-in overload like, say Ben & Jerry’s — but when you do get a nut, or a small swirl of rich caramel, they both complement the experience delightfully, adding crunch and/or a burst of fruity caramel flavor.

These pints sell out quickly, so if you’re a fan of either quality ice cream or Texas bourbon, make sure you grab a pint. (It’s also available in McConnell’s ice cream shops by the scoop, while supplies last.)

A- / $12 per pint /

McConnell's Garrison Brothers Whiskey & Pecan Pralines Ice Cream




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