Review: Astral Tequila Reposado and Anejo

Review: Astral Tequila Reposado and Anejo

We reviewed Astral Tequila last year, but at the time they only had a Blanco expression. Today we try their newly released Reposado and Añejo. As with the earlier release, these tequilas are also distilled from 100% Blue Weber agave drawn from the Lowlands region of Jalisco, Mexico and are made using traditional methods. The price point on these tequilas is quite reasonable, so let’s see how the Blanco has developed with time in barrel.

Both expressions are 80 proof. NOM 1607.

Astral Tequila Reposado – This tequila is aged for five months in single-use ex-bourbon barrels and shows a pale honey in color. The nose is quite light but some fresh agave and caramel can be picked up. The palate offers more: Bold vanilla dominates, but some light notes of agave, cinnamon, and caramel follow and continue into the medium length finish,

which closes with just a touch of dark chocolate. The tequila also has an enjoyable, creamy mouthfeel. Considering the price point and character, this is a great reposado for cocktails. B / $28

Astral Tequila Añejo – Although it’s aged for twelve months in single-use ex-bourbon barrels, this tequila is only a touch darker than the reposado. The nose is very restrained and offers only light wood tannins. Totally absent are typical añejo notes of vanilla, chocolate, and agave. The palate, however, is more interesting and does not follow the nose. Gently sweet leather and clove come first, followed by light agave and soft smoke. As with the reposado, the finish introduces a pleasant chocolate note. This tequila grew more enjoyable as I made my way through the glass. On their website, they suggest a twist on an old fashioned that includes Astral Añejo, agave nectar, and chocolate bitters, which sounds fantastic. B+ / $35

Astral Tequila Añejo




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