Review: Togronis Canned Negroni

Review: Togronis Canned Negroni

Dry gin, sweet vermouth, and “red bitters,” in a 100ml can: Sounds almost like a negroni to me, and sure enough this is the only product that Togronis makes, so it better be on point, no?

Togronis’ product pours a deep red, surprising in its crimson coloration. There’s a nicely bitter aroma on the nose, which pairs well with the earthiness of the gin underneath. The palate at first feels on point, and while it blends that bittersweet Campari-like character with notes of citrus and chocolate, the body takes on a gumminess that only means one thing to me: too much vermouth. I like negronis to finish bright and clean, but Togronis comes across as a little chewy and doughy, with oxidized wine notes lingering as an aftertaste.

Definitely not bad considering its crack-it-and-go form factor, but I don’t think anyone will confuse it with a homemade version.

50 proof.

B+ / $19 per four-pack of 100ml cans /

Togronis Canned Negroni




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