Review: The Wine Savant Guitar Whiskey Decanter Set

Review: The Wine Savant Guitar Whiskey Decanter Set

‘Tis the season to attempt to answer a question as frustrating as ever: What to get someone who “has everything”? The answer, of course, is as frustratingly ambiguous: “it depends,” since at that point, you have been digging deep and rappelling over cliffs into the crevices of the individual’s personality, interests, and fascinations in search of an answer? The possibilities are almost as long and quirky as there are humans walking the earth.

But let’s narrow the field a bit and since this platform is called Drinkhacker, let’s explore the arena of individuals that, for starters, enjoy imbibing wine and spirits, and might therefore enjoy some relevant accoutrements. Add in other novelty interests, and that’s where The Wine Savant hopes to step in to ease your search for “that gift.” Started in 2014, the Brooklyn-based operation initially aimed to create modern variations on traditional glassware for the wine drinker and quickly digressed into, well, a rabbit hole of novelty designs (my cliff’s notes summary of their raison d’etre, the authoritative version you can read on their website). They have more than 140 designs on offer today, representing an incredible spectrum of options — whether it’s color and texture variations on traditional glassware or various custom crafted designs.

As a bourbon fan and musician, I was tickled to receive the company’s Guitar Whiskey and Wine Decanter to experience for myself. I knew exactly what I was expecting and what it looked like, but I still had that “oh, wow, this is kinda cool” reaction when I opened the box and laid out the goods on display.

After the “a-ha,” there is a critical fork in the road we’ve all faced with novelty items like this: Is it usable enough for daily usage or will it be relegated to a bin in the garage only to resurface in the moving sale on your front lawn. With this set, the glass itself is sturdy, and the design is tastefully balanced with just enough to show thought in the design — offering clean lines and curves but nothing overly ornate. (Note the guitar pick embedded in the glass.) It actually blends in nicely with other glassware, and frankly I think it has a great chance of actually being displayed and used on the regular.

It would be unrealistic to adequately represent the other 140+ designs in text, but a few other spirits-focused decanter sets that caught my eye and had me scrolling through my mental rolodex of potential giftees included the Thor’s Hammer, Golf Cart, and Etched World options. There’s also a lovely and bright, hand-blown Mexican glass collection.

These novelty decanters may not be to everyone’s taste, but I thought this selection was a delight.


The Wine Savant Guitar Whiskey Decanter Set




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