Does what you drink your beverage from matter? After more than a decade of tasting, we can categorically tell you that your barware or glassware is a key component of any drinking experience. In this section we review glasses, decanters, dispensing equipment, aerators, and even bar knives.

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Review: High Camp Highball Shaker

By Christopher Null | June 8, 2022 |

High Camp makes a pretty cool travel flask, and recently it expanded its repertoire to include a natural addendum: a shaker perfect for outdoor environs. Unlike the partially magnetically sealed flask, the High Camp Highball Shaker includes three components that all screw together, making for a higher-grade seal. The components includes a 20 ounce vessel,…

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Review: Pressice Barware Ice Ball Press

By Christopher Null | November 1, 2021 |

Prove me wrong: There’s categorically no better way to improve the presentation of a cocktail than by serving it with a spherical ice ball. The trouble is making them. Spherical ice molds are a massive pain in the butt, and hand-carving spheres is something best left to highly trained Japanese cocktailing masters. For the rest…

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Review: Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener

By Christopher Null | August 26, 2021 |

Screwing a piece of metal into a cork and physically yanking it out from the neck of the bottle? How barbaric. One of the more novel ways to get a cork out of a bottle of wine is to use compressed air. The Cork Pops Legacy works like most of these devices: You jab a…

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Foghat Cocktail Smoker

Review: Foghat Cocktail Smoker

By Mike Gerrard | May 7, 2021 |

The pandemic has seen a huge upsurge in the number of ready-made cocktails in cans and bottles on the market, as people have adjusted to drinking at home more often. While there are some incredibly good pre-mixed cocktails available, there’s still nothing to beat a freshly-made cocktail creation of your own, especially when you have…

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Review: Corkcicle Rifle Paper Co. Hydrangea Collection

By Monica Uhm | April 28, 2021 |

As you peruse the local stores and websites for Mother’s Day gift ideas, perhaps you have also asked yourself, Can Mom have too many travel mugs? (Asking for a friend.) Let’s be realistic. We live in the age of zero-waste consciousness, life on-the-go, and Covid obsession. Travel mugs, water bottles, and similar accoutrements have joined…

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Review: Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker

By Christopher Null | April 20, 2021 |

Cocktail shakers aren’t exactly the most interesting products in the world… or so I had thought. Proving me wrong is the Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker, which raised a whopping $2.5 million on IndieGogo from people sick of the problems associated with the typical Cobbler-style shaker. What are the big complaints? I can agree with the…

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Review: BDI Corridor Bar Unit

By Drew Beard | April 10, 2021 |

If you’re looking to upgrade your home bar, remember that it’s not just about the bottles on the shelves. A carefully curated selection of spirits and wine deserves a comfortable place to tuck in for the evening. Plus, if you’re like me, you have an unreasonable number of cocktail and tasting glasses scattered throughout the…

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Review: High Camp Firelight 375 Flask

By Christopher Null | April 6, 2021 |

Headed into the great outdoors this summer? Bring your cocktail to go with High Camp’s Firelight Flash — available in a 375ml version (reviewed here) or a 750ml option (which is pictured). The 375 version comes in your choice of five finishes ranging from rose gold to gunmetal; the 750 has three finish options. The…

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Review: The Glenlivet Double Oak 12 Years Old (2020) and the Malbon x The Glenlivet Golf Collection

By Rob Theakston | December 28, 2020 |

Surprisingly, it has been quite a bit — 12 years — since we last evaluated the 12-year single malt from The Glenlivet. So with the arrival a freshly minted partnership with luxury golfing line Malbon, we took a minute to evaluate a select few pieces of the clothing collection, as well as refresh the glencairn…

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Holiday Gift Idea: Man Crates

By Christopher Null | November 24, 2020 |

There’s a good chance that there’s a man on your shopping list this year, and if that’s the case, well consider the one thing that every man loves: crates. Man Crates are full of male-themed goodness, and they come in an honest to god crate that you have to open with an (included) crowbar. The…

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