Does what you drink your beverage from matter? After more than a decade of tasting, we can categorically tell you that your barware or glassware is a key component of any drinking experience. In this section we review glasses, decanters, dispensing equipment, aerators, and even bar knives.

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Review: Bocavin Electric Wine Aerator

By Christopher Null | September 23, 2022 |

We’ve covered countless aerator products over the years here, but with Bocavin, the company is attempting something new: Drop a AAA battery into your bottle-topping aerator, and the whole thing vibrates, really amping up the amount of air that can get into your vino. The product design is interesting. The device has two parts, a…

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Review: High Camp Highball Shaker

By Christopher Null | June 8, 2022 |

High Camp makes a pretty cool travel flask, and recently it expanded its repertoire to include a natural addendum: a shaker perfect for outdoor environs. Unlike the partially magnetically sealed flask, the High Camp Highball Shaker includes three components that all screw together, making for a higher-grade seal. The components includes a 20 ounce vessel,…

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Review: Pressice Barware Ice Ball Press

By Christopher Null | November 1, 2021 |

Prove me wrong: There’s categorically no better way to improve the presentation of a cocktail than by serving it with a spherical ice ball. The trouble is making them. Spherical ice molds are a massive pain in the butt, and hand-carving spheres is something best left to highly trained Japanese cocktailing masters. For the rest…

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Review: Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener

By Christopher Null | August 26, 2021 |

Screwing a piece of metal into a cork and physically yanking it out from the neck of the bottle? How barbaric. One of the more novel ways to get a cork out of a bottle of wine is to use compressed air. The Cork Pops Legacy works like most of these devices: You jab a…

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Foghat Cocktail Smoker

Review: Foghat Cocktail Smoker

By Mike Gerrard | May 7, 2021 |

The pandemic has seen a huge upsurge in the number of ready-made cocktails in cans and bottles on the market, as people have adjusted to drinking at home more often. While there are some incredibly good pre-mixed cocktails available, there’s still nothing to beat a freshly-made cocktail creation of your own, especially when you have…

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Review: Corkcicle Rifle Paper Co. Hydrangea Collection

By Monica Uhm | April 28, 2021 |

As you peruse the local stores and websites for Mother’s Day gift ideas, perhaps you have also asked yourself, Can Mom have too many travel mugs? (Asking for a friend.) Let’s be realistic. We live in the age of zero-waste consciousness, life on-the-go, and Covid obsession. Travel mugs, water bottles, and similar accoutrements have joined…

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Review: Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker

By Christopher Null | April 20, 2021 |

Cocktail shakers aren’t exactly the most interesting products in the world… or so I had thought. Proving me wrong is the Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker, which raised a whopping $2.5 million on IndieGogo from people sick of the problems associated with the typical Cobbler-style shaker. What are the big complaints? I can agree with the…

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Review: BDI Corridor Bar Unit

By Drew Beard | April 10, 2021 |

If you’re looking to upgrade your home bar, remember that it’s not just about the bottles on the shelves. A carefully curated selection of spirits and wine deserves a comfortable place to tuck in for the evening. Plus, if you’re like me, you have an unreasonable number of cocktail and tasting glasses scattered throughout the…

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Review: High Camp Firelight 375 Flask

By Christopher Null | April 6, 2021 |

Headed into the great outdoors this summer? Bring your cocktail to go with High Camp’s Firelight Flash — available in a 375ml version (reviewed here) or a 750ml option (which is pictured). The 375 version comes in your choice of five finishes ranging from rose gold to gunmetal; the 750 has three finish options. The…

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Review: The Glenlivet Double Oak 12 Years Old (2020) and the Malbon x The Glenlivet Golf Collection

By Rob Theakston | December 28, 2020 |

Surprisingly, it has been quite a bit — 12 years — since we last evaluated the 12-year single malt from The Glenlivet. So with the arrival a freshly minted partnership with luxury golfing line Malbon, we took a minute to evaluate a select few pieces of the clothing collection, as well as refresh the glencairn…

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