Review: NV Telmont Reserve Rose Champagne

Review: NV Telmont Reserve Rose Champagne

Telmont Réserve Rosé, like the Brut, includes a great deal of information on the bottle. It states that the wine is made with 87% Chardonnay, 13% Meunier, and 0% Pinot Noir, and it also notes that the dosage is 8.4 g/l, putting this champagne in the brut classification. There’s much more to read about, which can be fun to consider while enjoying the wine.

In recent years, Champagne Telmont has dedicated itself to environmentally friendly practices and is in the process of converting their entire vineyard to 100% organic agriculture by 2025. They also have moved to 100% renewable energy and use 85% recycled glass for their bottles. Finally, they use no packaging or gift boxes. This may make Telmont’s champagne a less attractive gift, but I think wine is for drinking and appreciate their efforts to eliminate unnecessary waste. Let’s try the champagne.

Pouring pale salmon in color, Telmont Rosé starts with a torrent of bubbles which settle down into a nice, continual effervescence. On the nose and palate are integrated notes of strawberry, red delicious apple, biscuit, and a touch of caramel. Particularly enjoyable are the fine bubbles and medium acidity that lend the wine a creamy mouthfeel. The individual notes could have had more character and the finish is a bit short, but this is on the whole a bright and enjoyable champagne.


NV Telmont Reserve Rose Champagne




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