Review: Wines of Bellissima Zero, 2022 Releases

Review: Wines of Bellissima Zero, 2022 Releases

Bellissima Zero is a wine that includes Christie Brinkley as its brand partner, the wine positioning itself in the BFY (aka “better-for-you”) and “better-for-the-planet” categories (apparently these are a thing). The new line of nonvintage still and sparkling wines are vegan and made with organic grapes. The “Zero” in the name is a reference to zero-sugar, as there are no residual sugars in the bottle. The winery is based in the Veneto region of Treviso, the city known for Prosecco, and the wines are designated as IGT. Here we explore the full line of still wines and two of their sparkling offerings.

All are 12.5% abv.

2019 Bellissima Zero Chardonnay – The nose is bright with tart granny smith green apples, which carries through into the palate with additional sour-tart notes from just-ripened raspberries and a softening note of green grapes. The finish rides on the tart, sour apples with a touch of woodiness from the skin of pears. This is not a complex wine, but it sure is a refreshing one. (And pucker up!) B+

2020 Bellissima Zero Pinot Grigio – Honestly, this Pinot Grigio can easily substitute for the Chardonnay and vice versa in terms of fruity, tart characteristics. Upon closer examination, strawberry notes bring out more brightness in this varietal with a slightly sweeter red apple in lieu of the granny smith. On the palate some peach shines through and finishes with the same puckering tartness and lands back on creamy stone fruit and blackberry notes. A-

NV Bellissima Zero Rose – The rose is much lighter in body and character than the preceding whites. The nose carries a more muted version of strawberry and green grape notes than its counterparts. The palate has a bit more sparkle and is rather dry and oaky for a rose. It feels a little lackluster and less fruity when compared to the whites but nonetheless should result in an empty bottle once opened under the sun. B

NV Bellissima Zero Sparkling – This expression is another notch up on the dryness scale and is equally light on profile. The nose is very gentle with green grapes and peaches with punchy effervescence. Oaky fruit peel is most prominent on the palate and lingers in the finish. B [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

NV Bellissima Zero Sparkling Rose – With similar effervescence and lightness as the sparkling white, the sparkling rose showcases a touch more fruitiness and sweetness but still drinks and finishes on the drier side of the average sparkling rose. B

2020 Bellissima Zero Cabernet Sauvignon – The nose has a rich dark berry note that continues on the palate, adding in a touch of cardamon to bring out some dry spiciness. The mouthfeel is buttery and lush with a medium body. The finish features spiced, poached blackberry and lingers on dry oak. B+

2019 Bellissima Zero Merlot – The nose on the merlot starts out richer with a hint of German chocolate cake alongside prune preserves, giving way to aromatic soft cedar. The mouthful is relatively lighter than the cabernet but still carries some creaminess with its brighter berry notes,  cut with rosemary-tinted oakiness. The finish is a bit shorter and sweeter than the cabernet with a little less oak in the closing. B+

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NV Bellissima Zero Sparkling




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