Review: Flora Springs 2020 Soliloquy and 2019 Trilogy

Review: Flora Springs 2020 Soliloquy and 2019 Trilogy

Flora Springs’s first wines for 2022 have arrived — two of its most iconic bottlings. Let’s dig in.

2020 Flora Springs Soliloquy Napa Valley – A blend of sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, and malvasia. Tart and acidic, with notes of green herbs and ample sauvignon blanc-driven ammonia notes really driving the experience. Fruit is in full effect once that heavily perfumed character begins to fade, with lemon and lime peel in roughly equal proportion. Touches of tropical fruit on the fade-out. That said, it’s tight and aggressive well into the finish, a wine for those looking for a punchy experience that will undoubtedly wake them up. B+ / $50

2019 Flora Springs Trilogy Napa Valley – 75% cabernet sauvignon, 7% malbec, 10% petit verdot, 8% cabernet franc. Exceptionally dry at the start, this year’s Trilogy is well-weighted with notes of asphalt and darker spices, not to mention plenty of intense tannin to keep everything in check. Time in glass allows some fruit to percolate, but it’s slow going, currants and plums filtered through heavy tea leaf, cola, and dark chocolate, with a finish that whips together prune and clove notes. A bit tough going on its own, this one demands a solid meal to back it up and keep its heavier, more daunting elements in check. B / $85 [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

2019 Flora Springs Trilogy Napa Valley




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