Review: Coit Spirits Canned Cocktails – Paradisio and North Beach

Review: Coit Spirits Canned Cocktails – Paradisio and North Beach

Sonoma, California-based Coit Spirits has taken its gin empire and added a quartet of canned cocktails to the mix, all made with its own gin (though it’s unclear which one). The lightly carbonated cocktails, three of which are named after San Francisco neighborhoods, come in single-serve 5 oz. cans, designed to be poured over ice or sipped straight from the container. Each can is emblazoned with a tiny mural from Hektad, a New York street artist who is apparently a big deal.

Coit sent us two of its four canned cocktails to try. Both are 15.5% abv.

Coit Spirits Paradisio Tiki Cocktail – A mix of pineapple, lemon, coconut, and almond, all of which makes for an odd little gin-spin on a mai tai. The balance isn’t perfect here — I could do with less lemon and no coconut at all, I think — but what I really miss is a good rum in the mix. The gin base doesn’t give the drink enough of a backbone to really pull off something emblematic of tiki.

Coit Spirits North Beach Peach Cocktail – Gin mixed with lime, ginger beer, and peaches. Inoffensive and fairly indistinct, with a light ginger-lime character and a modest note of canned peaches. The gin is more present here, particularly on the finish, which offers a clearer herbal component — and which mixes fitfully with the fruitier attack. B- 

each $4.50 per 5 oz can /

Coit Spirits Paradisio Tiki Cocktail




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