Review: Just Chill Natural Stress Relief Beverages (2013 Flavors)

Review: Just Chill Natural Stress Relief Beverages (2013 Flavors)

just chillAs “relaxation drinks” go, Just Chill is one of the better products on the market. Since its 2011 introduction, the product has been a success, and now the company is rolling out two new flavors plus a slightly revamped can design.

Each 12 oz. can is now 70 calories instead of 50, as the cans are larger, 12 oz. instead of 8.4 oz. Ingredients are the same, there’s just more of them: L-theanine (243mg per 12 oz. can), vitamins B and C, magnesium, zinc, Siberian ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and lemongrass. Sweetening is via fruit juice and stevia, and carbonation is gentle. My comments about the relaxation effect of the drink remain about the same.

Thoughts on the new flavors (and a re-review of the original) follow:

Just Chill Tropical – Vaguely pineapple and papaya flavored, with some zippy acidity and pop to it from the mild carbonation. The light body is far from mouth-coating, and the mild finish offers some very light sweetness that keeps you engaged. B+

Just Chill Rio Berry – Berry-focused, as you can imagine, with a slightly watery fruit punch feel. Not my personal favorite beverage flavoring, but it’s altogether harmless enough thanks to that zip of carbonation and restraint in the sugar department. B

Just Chill Caribbean – I always thought the Caribbean was in the tropics, but nonetheless this expression of Just Chill heads toward lime flavors with a light mint kick on the back end, a la a mojito. It’s flavorful and brisk, but not ultra-focused. The mint starts to build up more and more as you sip on it, giving this Just Chill a bigger finish than the other varieties. B+

$2 per 12 oz. can [BUY IT FROM AMAZON]

Just Chill Tropical




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