Review: Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur

Immediate bummer: Upon pouring a bit of Solerno into your glass, Solerno turns out not to be bright red like the bottle’s appearance — and blood orange juice — would indicate (the glass is tinted, ya see) but rather nearly clear, like Cointreau, just with a slight yellow tinge.

Solerno is indeed just a spin on a triple sec, made in Italy from sweet blood oranges instead of the usual Valencias and such.

And Solerno is really quite good: Big kick of orange and clearly of the blood variety, but awfully sweet. This would be a great addition to any cocktail where sugar plays a role (in fact, you might throttle back the sweetness in your recipe if you sub this in for any triple sec), but it’s a little too sugary on its own as a digestif. And at 80 proof, it runs hot, too.

Overall, a very good liqueur, and worth a try for any orange enthusiast. Love the bottle, too.

A- / $35 /

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