Review: Cointreau L’Unique (2023)

Review: Cointreau L’Unique (2023)

Cointreau‘s been with us for over 140 years — and in 2023, the bottle gets a redesign, “its most momentous” in the brand’s history. Momentous or no, you decide:

Strikingly different yet still instantly recognizable, the revamped Cointreau bottle is an ode to the brand’s rich history and a celebration of the orange itself. For the first time in Cointreau’s history, the orange – Cointreau’s key ingredient – is given a prime spot on the new label, with the liqueur’s original distillery also depicted on the label and in the engraving as a tribute to the brand’s roots.

As Cointreau’s rich history continues to evolve, so too does Cointreau’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility, including the introduction of the new bottle, now made from two-thirds recycled glass with no wasteful, secondary packaging. Further, Cointreau’s commitment can be seen in key actions already taken, including powering the Angers distillery with 100% renewable energy since 2017, recycling 100% of annual waste, and ensuring 100% of the peel used during distillation is composted.

For what it’s worth — I do like the new bottle better than the old one.

So that’s the bottle and label. What about the liquid inside? Well, the Cointreau of yesteryear seems to have remained almost exactly the same — and perfectly solid.

Sweet but bracing with acidity, the orange character here approaches a tangerine quality at times, with hints of vanilla and some lemon candy in the mix. I get a lot more lemon than lime this time around, which tempers any sensation of “greenness,” though the finish remains ever so slightly sour. A touch of orangey sweetness endures — both on the tongue and on the fingers, should you get any on you.

Cointreau is still a full 80 proof, so plenty bracing in comparison to some less boozy offerings out there — and still not at all cheap in comparison. It remains as classy and as versatile as ever.

80 proof.


Cointreau L'Unique (2023)




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