Bar Food

As long as there have been bars, there has been bar food, in the form of snacks given away for free or entire meals that can be eaten while quaffing your favorite libation. (It’s said that the concept of tapas began when bartenders would cover a drink with a plate to keep bugs out, and then they began putting food on said plate.) Today, many five-star restaurants allow you to dine on their complete menu while sitting at the bar, stretching the definition of what “bar food” really is. At Drinkhacker, bar food means any number of things, including sweet or salty snacks that pair well with drink, food designed by chefs to pair with certain beverages, and (especially, since these are the most reviewable), foodstuffs that are made with alcohol as part of the recipe. A sampling of all of the above can be found below.

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Humphry Slocombe’s Ice Cream For Adults

By Christopher Null | November 16, 2009 |

It’s called a “Secret Breakfast,” but tens of thousands of people seem to know about it: Ice cream from San Francisco’s Humphry Slocombe, which operates a tiny Mission shop with about 10 daily concoctions ranging from Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee (better than actual Blue Bottle coffee, IMHO) to Peanut Butter Curry to Pumpkin 5-Spice. But…

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Review: Crispy Green Apples, Pears, and Pineapples

By Christopher Null | May 23, 2009 |

Recently we looked at the new banana version of these tasty dried fruit snacks. Crispy Green was kind enough to send along the rest of the line for our consideration too. (Note: Peaches and Apricots have since been discontinued.) Crispy Pineapple (A-) is everyone’s favorite, with fresh pineapple flavor and a solid crunch — though…

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Review: Larvets Original Worm Snax

By Christopher Null | March 29, 2009 |

I’m only including Larvets here as a “bar food” because of the possibility they will come up as a bar bet: Will you eat something that lists “larva” as its first ingredient? Rest assured, these mealworms are long-dead, dried, and utterly flavorless. Even the addition of cheddar cheese flavoring (there are also BBQ and Mexican…

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Review: Crispy Green Crispy Bananas

By Christopher Null | March 22, 2009 |

Freeze-dry anything and you can’t really go wrong. I’ve tried several of Crispy Green’s dried fruit products. Crispy Banana is the company’s sixth fruit to go through the drying chamber and come out in foil-wrapped nuggets. (0.53 oz., the size of one packet, equals the fruit from one full, pre-frozen banana.) Bananas are a tricky…

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Event Report: Slow Food Nation 2008

By Christopher Null | September 1, 2008 |

By now the “Slow Food” movement (get it?) should need no introduction. But for the uninitiated, the idea is to eat local, sustainable, organic, and unprocessed food, as much as possible. They’re big on veggies, biodiversity, and all that other good stuff. Hey, I’m all for it. Lord knows I need no more high fructose…

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Now We’re Mixing With… Mustard?

By Christopher Null | July 28, 2008 |

Proof that you can turn just about any ingredient into a cocktail: The folks at Grey Poupon (yes, that Grey Poupon) have come up with a quintet of mustard-based cocktails. While Monday morning may be a little too early for a concoction of honey mustard, pomegranate juice, and gin, maybe when I get really adventurous…

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Review: Engobi Energy Go Bites

By Christopher Null | June 28, 2008 |

They’re putting caffeine in just about everything these days, so why not a snack chip, too? Engobi takes the energy-boosting concept into the world of chips. Now one would not think that you could get that much caffeine in to a chip, but according to the company, a tiny, 1.5-ounce bag of Engobi chips has…

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Tasting Gallo’s Gold Medal Awards, 2008 Releases

By Christopher Null | May 13, 2008 |

For three years now, the good folks at Gallo have hunted for the best artisan foodstuffs to pair with their wines. This year, seven winners were chosen, and the company was good enough to send some samples along with a bottle of their 2006 Gallo Family Sonoma Reserve Pinot Gris as a pairing. Both snacks…

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