Tasting Emanuel Andren Chocolate Truffles

Tasting Emanuel Andren Chocolate Truffles

We don’t review much high-end chocolate here at Drinkhacker. Or rather, some (namely myself) would say we don’t review enough.

While you’ve probably not heard the name, Emanuel Andrén is hardly a new brand.  Founded in a small town in Sweden in 1868, this family business is devoted to producing ultra-luxe confections, which it promptly makes very hard to get. (In the U.S., the only way to get one — unless you get one in your Grammy Awards goodie bag — is to order them online.)

Andrén stopped by the other day to give me a guided tour of his works of edible art, all handmade, hand-painted, and largely created with herbs, spices, and other ingredients from Andrén’s own backyard. At present, 20 varieties are available, in a variety of gift box assortments.

Andren tasted me on seven of the truffles, starting with the traditional — Champagne and Strawberries — and moving to the unexpected and delightful Elderberry, one of my favorite sweet truffles in his collection. Things took a turn for the unusual with a line of truffles that combine chocolates with cheese: The Strong Cheese and Cloudberry truffle puts together Vasterbotten cheese with the Nordic favorite berry, served here in marmalade form, though I enjoyed more fully the Monte Enebro truffle, which included raspberry, red pepper, spices, and a little Tabasco — a really complex and fun treat.

Andrén saved the best for last, with a pair of spirits-oriented truffles that included a Calvados offering (gushing with apple brandy) and the enigmatic and incredibly popular Zino Platinum Cigar truffle, made with dark rum, salt, dark chocolate, and the essence of a Davidoff Zino Platinum stogie. I can still feel that tobacco heat in the back of my throat, days later.

Incredibly fun stuff. While the $29-per-piece price tag may be stifling, some of these — especially that Cigar truffle — would make for perfect gifts… if you can avoid eating them yourself.


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