Review: 3 Stone Delicious IPAs

Review: 3 Stone Delicious IPAs

Stone’s Delicious IPA has been around for years — it’s the fastest growing IPA in the country — and now it has some little siblings, one citrus-heavy, and one booze-heavy. Here we look at all three in the “Delicious” lineup.

Stone Delicious IPA – Bright and fruity, with a mix of lemon and orange up front pairing nicely with the bracingly piney hoppiness in the brew. Rich, fully body, with a lingering earthiness that borders on licorice clinging to the finish. A classic example of the west coast IPA style, with no digression from the theme. 7.7% abv. A- [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

Stone Delicious Citrus IPA – Definitely fruitier, though short of “hazy” in approach, this beer offers a note of tangerine and lemon that tempers the piney, earthy hops in the mix more effectively, creating a brighter and more “crushable” brew. There’s a zing of acidity on the finish, something a bit surprising in a nearly 8% abv beer, which elevates the experience even further. I like it a hair more than the standard Delicious. 7.7% abv. A-

Stone Delicious Double IPA – The big boy. Heavily hopped but not overbearing in the least, this slightly syrupy DIPA has more DNA in common with the Delicious Citrus than the standard: Bold fruit with a tropical bent, moving into pine-forward notes as the beer warms a bit. Rich but never overwhelming, hints of molasses make for a rich, immersive, DIPA-appropriate finish. 9.4% abv. A- [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

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Stone Delicious IPA




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