Review: Rhum Clement Rhum Blanc Agricole (2023)

Review: Rhum Clement Rhum Blanc Agricole (2023)

At some point along the way, Rhum Clement’s Premiere Canne got a rebrand as the more straightforward Rhum Blanc Agricole Martinique. (Canne Bleue, a 100 proof white rum expression, is still around.)

This 80 proof product, distilled from sugarcane, is as tried and true as they come, featuring present but not overly aggressive petrol notes, a restrained sweetness, and mild notes of turned earth. The hogo-rich rum pairs well with some sugar and lime — this is essentially the hallmark ingredient of Ti Punch — as a bit of citrus helps cut through some of the funkier notes inherent to the agricole style. In the end, this is as iconic a blanc agricole as you’re likely to find and a rum that knows exactly what it wants to be. A solid buy for the back bar, particularly at the (new) low price of $20 a bottle.

80 proof.


Rhum Clement Rhum Blanc Agricole (2023)




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