Review: Gracias a Dios Agave Gin Oaxaca Recipe

Review: Gracias a Dios Agave Gin Oaxaca Recipe

We previously tried the mezcal from Gracias a Dios as well as a mezcal distilled with pineapple and its unusual gin, which is made using its mezcal as the base spirit. Today we try Gracias a Dios’s Oaxaca Recipe gin, which is also made by infusing mezcal with botanicals, but in this case, only eight. The full list isn’t available, but they are all drawn from the Oaxaca region of Mexico and include juniper along with avocado leaf, yerba santa, cacao, and tangerine. Let’s give it a try.

The nose is big and bright, and it boldly shows the marriage of the gin’s base spirit and botanicals. Assertive notes of sweet agave and herbaceous green pepper join with light pine and fruity peach. Behind these notes hides just a touch of smoke. The palate follows suit and is more complex. The sweet agave note comes first and is quickly joined by a big, black pepper bite. The agave note holds on as the pepper recedes and is replaced by green pepper, peach, and cocoa. Smoke again lingers in the background. The finish is long and enjoyable as the herbal notes, smoke, and cocoa slowly fade. I’m impressed. I wouldn’t have expected mezcal and gin botanicals to come together so well, but in this product they blend to make a cohesive and enjoyable whole. I tried it in a G&T, and the mezcal base did not play well with the tonic. This is best sipped straight, and for people who like both gin and mezcal, it is certainly worth trying.

90 proof. NOM O2233X.

B+ / $55

Gracias a Dios Agave Gin Oaxaca Recipe




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