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Review: Mahon Gin (2021)

Chris first reviewed Mahón Gin back in 2015, just as it started to finally hit American shores. A new packaging upgrade inspired me to revisit this one to see if anything has changed in six years. Admittedly, the packaging isn’t terribly different. The bottle itself, green glass with a unique jug handle, is still the same, but the label no longer screams Don Quixote (the windmill logo remains, just smaller). It’s also now being sold in standard 750ml bottles instead of by the liter. Gin de Mahón also still carries the rare distinction of being geographically protected. All of the other interesting details and backstory on this one can be found in Chris’s review, but what I’m hoping to find out is whether this slightly new outfit comes with any changes in taste? Let’s see.

Gin de Mahón is as pretty as ever with a classic and elegant profile that any gin fan would appreciate. The nose is still juniper-forward, but it remains well-balanced in that department, with fresh, sweet spices offering a soft, if still a little soapy, contrast. The palate remains easygoing, dominated by sweet pine sap that hints at an earthy bite but never quite delivers before a seamless transition to brighter citrus and a little marzipan. The finish is sparkling clean with a bit of marshmallow fluff, cinnamon sugar, and subtler notes of lemon drops and green tea.

As expected, very little, if anything, has changed about Mahón Gin. While it remains a solid option for your next gin cocktail, you can easily enjoy this one neat, preferably over ice and perhaps with a twist. And I don’t say that about very many gins.

82 proof.


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Mahón Gin (2021)



Drew Beard

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