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Review: Veroni Aperitime Antipasto Trays

There’s no better happy hour snack than an tray full of charcuterie, cheese, crackers, and other snacks — but putting one together can be a real bear. Well, here’s a genius idea from Veroni, which makes a wide range of salumi and antipasto products in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. (Meats sold in the U.S. are imported and sliced here.) The concept: Put sliced meats (a couple of varieties), cheese, breadsticks, almonds, olives, and/or dried fruit all into a package that’s ready to serve as a casual appetizer for two (or one hungry individual).

Aperitime comes in four different varieties, and they’re all top notch. I tried them all and my favorites ingredients are definitely the salami and coppa products; the prosciutto is sliced just a little too thick. The inclusion of dried fruits in some of the packages is really interesting, as it lets you approximate a classic prosciutto-and-cantaloupe combo, though, of course, it’s not exactly the same experience. Outside of providing your own fresh fruits, though, there’s really no other way around it. At the very least, the dried fruits work well as a sweeter component in the mix to break up what is otherwise a fairly salt-focused affair.

The clear plastic tray isn’t a whole lot to look at, so don’t plan on setting one out if company’s coming to dinner, but for an easy weeknight snack to go with your Negronis, Aperitime really couldn’t be simpler.

A / each about $13 / veroni.com

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Veroni Aperitime Antipasto Trays



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