Review: Slrrrp Alcohol Infused Gelatin Shots

Review: Slrrrp Alcohol Infused Gelatin Shots

At Drinkhacker we tend to shy away from two things: Jello shots and products with no vowels in their name. Slrrrp fails on both of those tests, but we figured we’d give this new product a stab anyway.

What’s interesting about Slrrrp is that its prepackaged shots — each 50ml in size — don’t require refrigeration. They have the consistency of gelatin (and taste a lot better when they’re cold and they don’t ooze out as badly when you open them), but you can leave the tub of 20 shots on the counter if you so desire, ready for action whenever you need them.

The shots are made with real vodka and come in five flavors, including peach, blue raspberry, watermelon, mango, and strawberry. None of them are particularly delightful, but the fruit-forward strawberry was my clear favorite, with the peach and mango at the bottom of my list, both having a chemical overtone to them. All of the shots have a fairly strong alcohol character to them, giving the experience a certain rawness, but in the right state of mind (or the right type of party, preferably something on a boat), this isn’t necessarily the worst thing.

Drinkhacker faithful will probably find this concept anathema to everything they hold dear, and Slrrrp is hardly elevated alcohol consumption, but even I have to say it’s certainly a lot more fun than a can of PBR.

13% abv.

C / $18 per pack of 20 /

Slrrrp Alcohol Infused Gelatin Shots




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  1. Bat on July 20, 2022 at 8:15 am

    Wouldn’t buy, they taste poor, and they mistreat minorities. They never paid for labor they received. Don’t buy slrrrp.

  2. Bat on July 20, 2022 at 8:35 am

    Decent selection of flavors, but overall not very good with weak alcohol. Not only do they taste very poor, but this company mistreats minorities and exploits them for free labor…I’d stay away.

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